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We're sharing exciting groundbreaking research in this month's issue:
  • Watch a free video conference by Judyann and read the research that is providing a comprehensive explanation about how homeopathy works.
  • Listen to fascinating podcasts via our new 'Useful Links' section for interesting sites, where Dr. Iris Bell talks about her research into the mechanisms involved in homeopathic action.
  • Read about MICH collaborator and internationally known homeopath and researcher, Martine Jourde, who is passing the torch to our own Carla Marcelis for our next mission to Honduras this November 4th.
Carla shares her Halloween Homeo Tip with remedies to soothe fright and upset stomachs and an interesting article on the MICH Homeopathic Listening Process as a way to encourage unique and soulful qualities in yourself and others.

Want to join us in person?  Find out more about our November 15th live event in Judyann's inspiration behind Living with Soul.

We hope you are all enjoying long walks in the fall leaves,
The MICH Team
Martine Jourde and the HTSF

Martine Jourde, homeopath and founder of the organization "Homéopathes de terre sans frontières", or HTSF, had a captive audience for her conference on emerging viral diseases and their homeopathic solutions, given as part of the Canadian Homeopathic Conference in Toronto on October 18th, 2014.

Groundbreaking Research for Homeopathy

At the recent Canadian Homeopathic Conference held in Toronto, Judyann McNamara and Iris Bell unveiled some of the latest research that could explain the depth and globality of homeopathic intervention.  Researchers are uncovering the details of systemic biological mechanisms capable of responding to the signalling provided by homeopathic remedies.
MICH Homeopathic Listening Process

Experienced homeopaths recognize very quickly that every individual has a unique way of expressing their experience. For the individual, it is extremely helpful to explore their own unique experience, with the help of an unbiased facilitator, thus bringing to light areas that were not previously seen or known by themselves.


Only a Few Days Left for a Great Deal on Living With Soul!

Until October 31st, you can save $100 on the registration rate for the first prerequisite workshop in our new modular training program. 

Discover practical ways of renewing your sense of wonder and amazement with life and increasing your flow of energy. Open to professionals and non-professionals alike, it is for everyone who wishes to explore how to reduce stress levels and increase creative and mental functions.  

Presented by beloved teacher Judyann McNamara, renowned for facilitating her students to their highest potential as well as demonstrating how you to engage others to do the same. For more about the inspiration behind Living with Soul, read
Judyann's latest blog post about the workshop.


NEW REGISTRATION OPTIONS! 'Pay as you Go' and pay via Paypal!

The Inspiration Behind Living with Soul

As this is the first training offered by MICH that is open to everyone and not exclusive to students enrolled in our 3-year program, it's only natural that the whole team is very excited about this workshop.

During the last decade, we've developed and elaborated therapeutic approaches to optimize the best researched, most used, and most individualized form of immaterial western medicine: homeopathy.  Our experience, and that of other homeopaths and researchers, proves that homeopathy is the perfect vehicle to address the dynamic movement of the vital force and its effects on all dimensions of your well-being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; including happiness, wholeness, meaningfulness, adaptability and vitality.

Now is our opportunity to share what we've learned with you and for you to join us to experience and access these levels of soul, and to 'open your eye of contemplation' to new horizons.  Read more... 

Homeo Tip of the Month: Halloween Survival Kit

As the days become shorter and the darkness arrives earlier and earlier, Halloween will soon be upon us with its tales of monsters and vampires, haunted houses and scary dress-up clothes. For many, Halloween is about the fun of dressing up, and for the kids, it's all about collecting and consuming as much candy and chocolate as possible!

While many kids love a good scare during a visit to a haunted house, maybe your youngster got truly spooked last year and is now apprehensive about this holiday. Or, if they’re fearless about venturing out to collect candy, maybe your kids got an upset stomach and you’re wondering whether trick-or-treating should be avoided this year.

If you’d like a gentle, effective way to help you with any Halloween perils, consider one of these 10 remedies carefully selected for fear or upset stomachs.   Read more...

Useful Links

When first discovering homeopathy, it can be difficult to discern the wheat from the chaff when it comes to information we find online. For this reason, we've created a new section on our website, dedicated to highlighting a growing number of websites working to represent homeopathy with a fair and balanced approach. 

Here are just some of the websites we have on our growing list: For more useful links, including free online books and podcasts,  visit the 'Useful Links' section on our website, and if you have a favorite 'go to' homeopathy website, let us know by emailing news@michmontreal.com
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Public Webinar Series

We're going public with the 3-part webinar series that we offered in conjunction with our 'Spring into Health with Homeopathy' event. 

The webinars present how the latest scientific research shows exciting evidence of the subtle energy organization on the mitochondrial level and how this evidence is rocking our materialistic view of the body. They also present how this new research points towards how homeopathy can provide us with the key to achieving a new level of well-being: one that stimulates our individual response to heal without the crutch and inherent side effects of drugs ...   
Space in the clinic is now very limited, but you can still take advantage of the intern clinic rate by contacting us for a referral to an intern near you.
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