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Welcome to the January edition of the Front Street Newsletter!  We have a lot going on this month so be sure to read on for details!

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Free to attend | Free Parking | Family & Pet Friendly

Get the full Front Street Experience at our monthly Art Hops! Artists and Artisans across campus invite you to explore their studios, workshops, & galleries featuring the artwork and goods of more than 250 creatives!  


January 6, 2022 | First Friday Art Hop| 5PM - 9PM
January 15, 2022 | 
Third Sunday Art Hop | 11AM - 4PM



Tuft Cookie Textiles

photo by Zac Collopy
JANUARY FEATURE:  Ashlyn Dressman, owner of Tuft Cookie Textiles, is a designer and fiber artist.  Ashlyn is completing her last year at The Modern College of Design where she plans to receive her bachelor's degree in Design Leadership.  In 2020 Ashlyn began tufting long-lasting rugs with creativity and a love for individualism.  Ashlyn works from her studio creating product to fit individual's one-of-a-kind vibe (  Visit Ashlyn in her studio during our monthly art hops!  

VISIT Tuft Cookie Textiles:
January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm

Building 300 | Floor 2 | Suite 2385
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January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm

Building 300 | 2nd Floor | Suite 2240

"Neon Wasteland 2: A Black Light Art Show" featuring eye melting fluorescent art by some of your favorite local artists!

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm

Building 300 | 2nd Floor | Suite 2120
Sharon Stolzenberger
A new murder of crows now roosting in Sharon Stolzenberger's studio!

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11AM - 4PM

Building 300 | 2nd Floor | Suite 2505
Single Grain of Sand 
Single Grain of Sand Gallery at Front Street will be permanently closed as of December 31, 2022. It has been an amazing journey and experience and I have grown as an artist. To all the wonderful artists at Front Street, I would like to say a huge Thank You, for your guidance, encouragement, friendship, and for all the shenanigans over the past 3 years. It has been an honor to be part of such an amazing community. Richard and Samantha thank you for all you do and for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this community.
But don't be discouraged 2023 is going to be great. Single Grain of Sand will be 100% online starting in February 2023. There will be travel, adventures and shenanigans for sure, and a huge new line of artwork. So stay tuned to my Instagram, @singlegrainofsand for updates. Who knows where I'll end up. 
So stay creative, make art, and be happy.
Peace ✌... Kelly"

Brick City Artworks is open for both arthops this month!  Stop in on First Friday for a great show of new work!

January 6th | 5PM - 9PM, 9PM-12AM
January 7th |11AM - 4PM
January 15th | 11AM - 4PM

Building 100 | Door A | 1st Floor | Suite 1060
Yahweh and Sons Art and ApparelNew work from Colton Tant dropping this First Friday!  You're gonna want to see what's new!

January 6th | 5PM - 9PM, 9PM-12AM
January 15th | 11AM - 4PM

Building 100 | Door A | 1st Floor | Suite 1160

We are excited to announce our 2023 calendar of artists and exhibitions. January hours will be limited. We will return to our First Friday/Third Sunday hours after.

January 15th | 11AM - 4PM

Building 100 | Door A | 3rd Floor | Suite 3180 

Lavender & Lace Art offers hand selected high vibrational crystals and minerals.  Sydney designs handmade wire wrapped jewelry.

"I dabble in other mediums too! Stay tuned."

January 6th | 5PM - 9PM
January 15th | 11AM - 4PM

Building 100 | Door A | 3rd Floor | Suite 3080
AV Glass

AV Glass has a blown glass gift gallery with one of a kind unique blown glass for sale created by several Dayton Ohio local glass artists. Open studio First Friday, Second Saturday & Third Sunday!

Workshop Wednesdays are scheduling now! Create your own blown glass! Purchase your ticket at 

January 6th | 5PM - 9PM
January 7th 11am-4pm
January 15th 11AM - 4PM

Building 100 | Door BC | Basement | Suite 0080

We are a gallery of community. We feature 8 various artist with a stunning eclectic mix of art & mediums!
Be sure to visit the rock shop as well as our loft which is loaded with crystals, books, jewelry, textile art and so much more!
By combining nature and nurture we strive for a healing, relaxing atmosphere. We believe in upcycling and restoration! Giving items a new life also helps our planet.

January 6th | 5PM - 11PM
January 15th | 11AM - 7PM

Building 100 | Door BC or CD | First Floor| Suite 1425
"Cantata In Five Movements"

October  7th - January 15th

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm
And by appointment

Building 100 | Door BC | 2nd Floor | Suite 2405

Daubs Gallery has new vintage artwork in, along with original art by L. Marie. Be sure to stop in this month!

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm

Building 100 | Door BC | 2nd Floor

January 6th | 5pm - 11pm
January 21st | 5 - 9PM (discussion at 6pm)

Building 100 | Door BC | 2nd Floor | Suite 2465

"Downtown Dayton, Great Miami River"
by Alison Bour

The ARTery Gallery features watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting, digital fine art, photography, mixed media, printmaking, ceramics, custom jewelry, fiber art and sculpture.  This month's featured artist is Alison Bour, an award-winning photographer and digital artist.

*Current ARTery Artists include: Fabienne Bee, Alison Bour, Rosalie Campbell, Samantha Farkas, Bob Farley, Charlene Fox, Jim Hayes, Mikee Huber, Bonnie Kuntz, Sarah Maxwell, Melanie Morrett, Ashley Simons, Ryan Taylor, Jo Anne Vincent, Leonard Williams, and David Zawisa.

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm 

Building 100 | Door BC | 3rd Floor | Suite 3480

"Be Big, Be Bold" curated by Jon Daugherty, this show features BIG artwork from fourteen of Dayton's favorite artists!  Want a signed poster?  Don't miss opening night when they will auction off 2 posters signed by all participating artists.  Money raised will go to Dayton Society of Artists!

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm 

Building 100 | Door BC | 3rd Floor | Suite 3420

The Perfect Shot series was done to bring attention to the types of bullet damage that can be done with the use of different weapons. The spread of the bullet as they strike the canvas board is distinct for each weapon as is evident from the marks they make. Rather than taking a stand for or against the use of firearms in the USA, my paintings bring attention to the fact of what types of damage can happen to the recipient at the other end of the bullet. The paintings are meant to educate, rather than glorify/demonize the use of firearms. They are advocating for tighter gun control so the weapons do not fall in the hands of people who are not responsible gun owners.

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm 

Building 100 | Door BC | 3rd Floor
Dutoit Gallery

Join us for the opening of Sign and Sigil, all new work by Kate Huser Santucci. Stop in for a drink and nibble, see the work, and talk to me about encaustic!  I can't wait to share this body of work with you all. See you there!

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm 

Building 100 | Door BC | 3rd Floor | 3385

3rd Annual "Artist Helping Nonprofits Benefit Show" 

For the third year in a row, artists from across the world donate artwork to be sold to benefit a artist based non-profit organization, chosen by The Orphanage Gallery Director, William Cunningham. 

This year's sales will benefit Dayton's very own The Contemporary Dayton.  Click the link to learn more about The Co. and their mission.  All artwork in the show is a flat $25 (many works valued over $150)!!

January 6th | 5PM - 9PM
January 15th | 11AM - 4PM

Building 200 | Door 4E | 1st Floor

David and Sandra will give talks and Demos on their jewelry techniques and design processes. They have lots of new pieces created for gift giving: Sterling and bronze necklaces, earrings and rings with gemstones, pearls, and antique handmade glass.

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm
January 15th | 11am - 4pm

Building 200 | Door 2 | 3rd Floor | Suite 3000

This Friday Jerome will be selling original work as well as art cards and postcards in the studio from my recent December 16 show, "The Further (Queer) Adventures of Yukon Cornelius"!

Come by Friday night and see the giant acrylics I have on the wall, meet the artist, discover all the adventures of Yukon Cornelius, and collect the postcards of the works.

January 6th | 5pm - 9pm

Building 200 | Door 2 | 3rd Floor | Suite 3005
Shop Art

You can find a variety of artwork, jewelry, photography, and handcrafted goods on our website. The best part?  Artists keep 100% of their sales when you buy their work through! 

We got new t-shirts!!!  Same design on black tees, and they are STUNNING!!!  You can buy yours here on our website or at the Market at Front Street! 

This design was created in 2021 by illustrator Marc Noreikas. Marc's design is all-encompassing of the many diverse creatives that call Front Street home! 


T-shirts are unisex, 100% cotton, and available in white.

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