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New Logo, New website, New Identity

In this season of rebirth, the Water Footprint Network has launched its new website and with it, a new logo – our new identity.  Like any birth, we have laboured hard to get here and now that this moment has arrived, we want to share it with you. We invite you to explore and see the new face of the Water Footprint Network.

Why this change?
Since the Water Footprint Network was founded in 2008, we have been building a storehouse of data, practical tools and applications of Water Footprint Assessment with our valued partners with the aim of providing a catalyst that transforms awareness of the water footprint into concrete action.  

Committed to making our valuable resources available for all to use, we’ve designed a website that is packed with information, interactive tools and examples of how Water Footprint Assessment is being used by companies and governments, investors and non-profit organisations around the world.

Our New Logo
Our new logo is dynamic and fluid, like water, and includes the three water footprint components - blue, green and grey. The water is captured into the round shape to symbolise guidance and protection, reflecting how we care for the world’s fresh water.  Our aim, fair and smart use of the world’s fresh water, expresses clearly our commitment to ensuring that we all share clean water fairly to sustain thriving communities and nature’s diversity, long into the future.


We’ve also created a leaflet  that provides a brief summary of our work.  We hope it will inspire many more people to join our collaborative journey towards water stewardship.

It seems fitting to launch our new logo and website today, on the eve of the 7th World Water Forum, and to unleash the full power of Water Footprint Assessment and the Water Footprint Network’s knowledge and resources to solving the world’s water crises.  We look forward to joining our partners and the global community concerned about water in South Korea.

With the reverberations from the droughts in Brazil and California being felt by many and the growing awareness of companies, governments and individuals that we need to rethink our approach to water, we are delighted to open our doors to finding innovative solutions to accelerate progress towards sustainable development.    

Of course, birth is just the beginning.  We look forward to our continued collaboration with you as together we drive action, share knowledge and build a community of dedicated organisations and committed individuals prepared to overcome one of the greatest challenges facing our generation.







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