February/March Newsletter:  Year of the Wood Sheep

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As we leave the year of the Wood Horse, a year of progress and advancement, we are entering the year of the Wood Sheep, a year when caring, nurturing and family predominates.

It is a time to create harmony and balance in our lives, our homes, and in our bodies. It is a year of slow and steady progression, in which practicing moderation is particularly important. It is a time to cultivate talent and imagination, and to let the body heal and rest. Practice compassion, not only to others, but to yourself, and celebrate the year of the Sheep by giving your body and mind the restoration and healing that it deserves.
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The Sheep (Yang)
Direction: South-Southwest
Fixed Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Color: Light Green
Flower: Narcissus
Tree: Dogwood
Lucky Number: 12

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Chinese New Year: February 19, 2015

This year, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 19, 2015, marking the new moon of the first lunar month of the lunar year. In Chinese astrology, the Sheep is the 8th animal sign of the zodiac, a number of prosperity and comfort. Those born in the year of the Sheep are known for being gentle and compassionate, and are believed to be blessed by good fortune as a result of their sincere kindness and generosity.

Each animal sign of the Chinese zodiac is correlated with one of the five elements of nature, namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth. With Fire as it's fixed element, those born in the Sheep year are driven by determination and passion. When out of balance, however, Sheep can tend to be stubborn and emotional.

In addition to this fixed element, every year also has an associated second element following the generating cycle. The element associated with this particular lunar year is Wood. Therefore, 2015 is referred to as the year of the Wood Sheep, or Green Sheep. In general, those born during Wood years are known to be generous, sympathetic and have high moral standards. Those born in the year of the Wood Sheep are said to be leisurely and good humored. They strive to please those they trust, and are often found performing good deeds for those who are less fortunate. According to Chinese astrology, it is the combination of these two elements, as well as the ascending sign which rules the time of birth, which play an important role in determining one's characteristics and personality traits.

Each 24 hour day is also divided into twelve 2 hour periods, each of which is ruled by one of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. The Sheep rules the hours between 1-3pm. Therefore, those born between 1-3pm are said to have the Sheep as their ascendant sign, and will share many characteristics with those born in the year of the Sheep.
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