Join me at the upcoming PRANIC Festival - The Ultimate Inspirational Event for Yogis, Visionaries, and Human Pioneers!
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June/July Newsletter:  Join me at the upcoming PRANIC Festival!

H​ave you heard about the amazing PRANIC Festival coming to San Francisco this August?

It will be a gathering of the most inspirational Meditation Teachers, Yogis, Visionaries & Human Pioneers from around the planet, exploring new paradigms, and sharing their top most powerful and practical tools for Self-Healing, Rejuvenation, Illumination, and Conscious Living. The event will take place August 8th, 9th & 10th in the Presidio.
This incredible gathering is hosted by our good friend, teacher, and officemate, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan! For those of you interested in attending all 3 days, please know that I have made special arrangements with Dr. E for you to receive $111 off the full 3-day experience. (Simply enter the Discount Code "Kristen111" on the Registration Page and the price of your 3-day ticket will be discounted.) There are also options for 1-day or 2-day passes, as well as possibilities for partial trade/exchange too!

PRANIC Festival Highlights:
  • Learn simple and powerful tools for long-term health, happiness, strength and power from Wim Hof, the 26x Guinness World Record holder ​from Holland. Discover how you can consciously control your nervous system and influence your immune system.
  • Eliminate stress and live "The Non-Time Experience" with Oberom from Brazil, Yogi and teacher of Pranic Consciousness.
  • Join Austrian documentarian P.A. Straubinger in exploring the scientific evidence for strange "supernatural" possibilities like Breatharianism, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, etc.
  • Discover how we can end all our hungers (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) with Jasmuheen, Ambassador for The Embassy of Peace, author, and world-renowned meditation teacher from Australia.
  • Experience powerful Self-Healing and Rejuvenation with Pranic Breatharian Master Akahi, activating our human body into a self-sustaining "Biophoton healing therapy machine" that is free and perpetual, easily healing ourselves and healing others.
  • Explore the topic of "Prana, Fertility, and Conscious Families" with Camila Castillo. Learn to consciously heal and reprogram the DNA of our reproductive system, and give birth to a new generation of Conscious, Awakened, and Ecstatically Joyful children.
  • Learn about the information that is held in the Energy Matrix and how we can nourish ourselves consciously through the practice of Food Alchemy, with Elitom El-Amin, teacher and author from Ohio, USA.
  • Simplify our self-care practices through returning to a pure and fun childlike attitude, and integrating powerful ancient alchemical tools into our modern lives with Max Christensen, the founder of the Kunlun System.
...and much much more! See for full details.

The Pranic Festival is truly THE ULTIMATE INSPIRATIONAL EVENT for Consciousness Explorers, Yogis, Visionaries, and Human Pioneers -- a rare and monumental gathering not to be missed! I am so excited to learn from these True Living Masters, and am looking forward to sharing these amazing 3 days with you!

Questions? Please feel free to contact Dr. Edith-Ubuntu Chan at

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