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Does the start of a new season make your club leaders look like this guy?

While most of us are excited for the new season to kick-off, the start of a new season can also be a headache for many of us as clubs try to come in compliance at the start of a new competitive season.

 To help with this headache, NERFU has put together this short guide to help explain what is required for a club to be in compliance with USA Rugby (USAR) regulations and how to go about accomplishing all of that with the least amount of frustration.
 Please share this with your club leadership if you feel they can benefit from this information and don’t forget to take care of your own individual player registration as well!
For your club to be in good standing with USA Rugby it must accomplish THREE things:
  1. Register as a club in the current year’s CIPP, with all dues fully paid.
  2. Have a registered Level 200 coach certified by USA Rugby.
  3. Have a minimum of fifteen (15) players on their roster.  **Keep in mind that NERFU also has minimum player roster numbers for each division that must be met as well. You can find them listed below in “NERFU Roster Numbers”.
Without accomplishing some or all of these tasks your club will have to deal with:
  1. Your liability insurance through USAR not being valid.
  2. The New England Rugby Referee Society (NERRS) not assigning refs to your matches.
  3. Any match your club does play counting as a forfeit.
While this all may seem drastic and intimidating, getting your club into compliance is relatively easy if you follow the steps below. And whatever you do please don’t ignore the requirements, USA Rugby issues regular reports to NERFU and NERRS on which clubs are compliant and which are not so it won’t be overlooked.
How to come into compliance in three steps:
  1. Have your club treasurer go here and register your club. Part or this process will involve paying your club dues. This will be valid until August 31st of next year. Good news: Clubs NO LONGER HAVE TO PAY DUES TO NERFU.
  2. Send all of your players to the individual registration site to register. NERFU dues are added to the CIPP registration fee. NERFU dues are $20 this year. A player’s registration will be valid until August 31st of next year.
  3. Have your coach register and maintain their status as an active coach with USA Rugby. Your coach must also be a Level 200 certified coach.
Do not ignore this requirement; doing so will put your team’s liability coverage in jeopardy and you may have to forfeit matches. If your coach is not Level 200 certified, we’ve included more information to help your club deal with this issue. See the section below titled “Coach Compliance”.
If you already have a Level 200 coach who maintains their active status then the registration portion of compliance should be relatively easy to accomplish. If you have more questions, check out the “Resources” section. If you don’t find the answers there, reach out to your NERFU Division Director or another board member, we are here to help you understand and negotiate USA Rugby requirements.
Good luck with your fall season!!

What to do if your coach is not a Level 200 certified coach:
  1. Have them register as a coach with USA Rugby
  2. Make sure they are, at the very least, a Level 100 certified coach. This is easily accomplished by taking an on-line course accessed through the USAR website.
  3. Get your coach signed up for a Level 200 course. There is one being offered on September 20th in West Haven, CT.
  4. Fill out this on-line form to ask for lenience from USA Rugby while your coach works towards their Level 200 certification.
Other things to keep in mind:
- NERFU will reimburse 50% of the course cost to the coach or team if they pass the course; anyone who is CIPPed with NERFU can fill out the form in the Financial section of our website.
- We have about 30 clubs in danger of having games forfeited because their coaches did not get their Level 200 course completed this past year. We had at least 6 coaching course offered in the New England area last year. Don’t delay anymore it’s hard to ask for leniency when you’re guilty of inaction.
- Please have your club consider hosting a coaching clinic. It is great to offer them in our union, and the logistics are very minimal. USA Rugby will send all necessary materials and coach development course leaders to run the program. We are also in need of Level 300 courses in our area. 

In order to be eligible for NERFU league play, clubs must meet these minimum requirements for players on their roster:
- Division I Men 30 
- Division II Men 22 
- Division III Men 22 
- Division IV Men 15 
- Division I Women 30 
- Division II Women 22 
- Division III Women 15 
- Social Clubs 15
- College Clubs Men and Women 22
USA Rugby Registration FAQ
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