November 2014 Upate

Save the Date: November 14th-16th, 2014


Online Registration is now closed.

Passes will be available at the door!
All Access Pass:
Includes admittance to ALL programming and events, including workshops, vendor room, special events and meals at no extra cost. Convention doll must be purchased separately.


Day Passes:
Includes access to demos, dolly spa, vendors rooms and panels. Workshops, food events, and convention doll must be purchased separately.

Please visit our website for more details.

$50 Friday
$50 Saturday
$25 Sunday

Supporting Membership:
Includes a Shopping Pass for the Vendors room on Saturday from 2pm - 4pm and access to purchase the convention doll.

It's time for the convention! We're super excited, and preparations are already underway!

Passes will still be available at the door if you have any friends that are thinking about joining us last minute. This includes All Access Pass, Day Pass, and Supporting Memberships.

Location, Location, Location:

Please see our Hotel and Convention Site pages for directions. The convention entrance at the OBC Educational Center is at the Shelly Street Foyer, located at the back of the Overland Baptist Church building.

If you plan to be in St. Louis for an extra day or so, we also have a list of Local Attractions on the website.


Badges will be color coded. If you need any assistance, look for a person with an orange band on their badge - these will include the committee, staff, and volunteers. All Access Pass, Day Passes, Supporting Members, Staff, Vendors, and Guests all have a different color.


Please check your program book for final information on times and locations of events. We do have a sample of what's in store on the website, but some information (such as final room location) may have changed.


When you arrive, your tickets for any workshops or meals you've requested will be in the back of your badge sleeve - hand the appropriate ticket to a staff member as you enter that event.


Workshop registration sheets will be at the registration table as you enter the building. If there is still room available at a workshop you're welcome to put your name on the sheet; you will be given a ticket for that event. If you have a Day Pass you will need to purchase your workshop ticket for $20 each.

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