Issue # 46
October 2021

The alpha-bat!

Welcome to the special Halloween issue of your Kids' Kindness Club newsletter! To celebrate the spooky holiday, we are learning about something a little bit, not sweets, and not skeletons either. It's bats! Did you know that bats are not scary at all? In fact, they are amazing creatures who need our kindness. Watch the video to find out more.

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Kind Challenge

This week, Greig is visiting the ancient city of Bath to learn more about bats ... and why we should be kind to them. 
Watch the video to find out more

Did You Know?

There are simple things you can do to be kind bats. Planting trees, choosing some night-scented flowers for your garden (such as evening primrose, fennel and lavender) to attract insects for them to eat, putting up a bat box (away from light), and making sure you don't use pesticides or chemicals in your garden are all great ways to help.  For more tips, visit the Bat Conservation Trust.

Show & Tell

On World Mental Health Day, Ava S. decided to take some 'positive messages' cards to school to give to every child in her class. She said if they need a bit of encouragement, they can just look at their card and feel better.

What great idea!


In this week's video, Greig talked being kind to bats. For a chance to win a Young Bat Workers' Club membership (from the Bat Conservation Trust) PLUS a copy of Angela's book, Bobby the Brown Long-Eared Bat, just complete our Batty Activity Sheet and send it to us by post or email before 10th November. Have fun!

Download the Challenge Sheet
(If you don't have a printer, feel free to use your own paper.)

Self-Kindness Tip

Have you learnt something new this week? Learning and experiencing new things releases something called dopamine in our brain, which help us feel happier, calmer and motivated. It's a great way to be kind to yourself! 

Kind Story 

Last month, we asked you to make Get Well cards for Riley, who isn't very well and has to spend a lot of time in hospital. Riley received your cards (and also some lego and other presents donated by the 52 Lives community) and absolutely loved them.

He is a very tired boy at the moment (as you can see in the photo) but your kindness helped him feel so much better. Thank you all so much for helping him. Get Well soon Riley! We're all thinking of you. 

Kindness Quiz

Did you pay attention in this week's video? Test your powers of observation.

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