Issue # 60
July 2022

...thanks a bunch!

Welcome back to the Kids' Kindness Club. We hope you are having a great last few weeks of school. We have a brand new challenge for you, with even more wonderful prizes to be won!

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Kind Challenge

Your challenge this week was inspired by something that happened to Greig at school he visited recently. It involved two tiny words that made a big difference to his day!
Watch the video to find out more

Thank you Template

Are you taking part in this week's Kindness Challenge?

Download your template here (or you can make your own!) 

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Show & Tell

One of our youngest Kids' Club members has finished his Tur-Shirt design! 'I am helpful' written as a mirror image...complete with a little broom. We love it!

Well done!

Did You Know?

A recent survey showed that 79% of children aged 7-14 wish they could do more to help people...some people have even described your generation of young people as 'generation generosity'. How amazing is that!?

Kind Story 

The 52 Lives charity heard about a 7 year old boy who hadn't been going to school. They found out that the reason he hadn't been going was because his parents couldn't afford to pay his bus fare. The charity's kind supporters donated enough money to pay his bus fare for a whole year PLUS some tuition to help him catch up on his missed lessons.


There's still a week left to get your entries in for this challenge! The Tur-Shirt Company makes 'Tur-Shirts’ for children….which is like a t-shirt but with magical messages that only the wearer can read. The writing on a Tur-Shirt is written as a mirror-image, so it can only be read when you look at yourself in the mirror. We want YOU to design your very own Tur-Shirt!  
Deadline: 8th July
Take Part Now!

Earn your Purple Kindness Badge!

Our Purple Kids' Kindness Club Badge is awarded for showing kindness to yourself and others. Would you like to earn yours?

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Self-Kindness Tip

Saying thank you doesn't just have to be about thanking other people. You can also thank yourself! Think of 3 things that you'd like to thank yourself for. It might be for being kind, for brushing your teeth, for being a good friend...or anything else you can think of. Say them out loud to yourself or write them down. 

Kindness Quiz

Did you pay attention in this week's video? Test your powers of observation.

Click here to take the quiz on our
Kids' Club page.

Want More?

Find more quizzes, take our latest poll, and download lots of fun activities on our Kid's Kindness Club web page. 
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