Issue # 59
June 2022


Welcome to your Kids' Kindness Club newsletter - we hope you had a lovely half-term. Let us ask you you believe in magic? What about magical t-shirts? Well, this week, you're going to make one! 
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Kind Challenge

We have a very special challenge for you to design your very own magical t-shirt! What makes it magical? 

Watch the video to find out!

Show & Tell

This beautiful poem was written by two girls called Mia, for another little girl who has been quite poorly.  

Well done Mia and Mia!

Did You Know?

In a recent survey, more than half of parents said that they reward their child for being kind. What do you think...should people be rewarded for being kind or should kindness be its own reward? Take the poll on our website and see what others think too!


We have partnered with a very kind company to bring you a brand new challenge. The Tur-Shirt Company makes 'Tur-Shirts’ for children….which is like a t-shirt but with magical messages that only the wearer can read. The writing on a Tur-Shirt is written as a mirror-image, so it can only be read when you look at yourself in the mirror. We want YOU to design your very own Tur-Shirt!  Deadline: 8th July
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Kind Story 

6 year old Daniel had all his birthday wishes come true thanks to the kindness of a crowd of concert-goers and singer Ed Sheeran. 

With the help of the crowd and a colourful hand-made sign, Daniel caught the singer's attention at the concert in Belfast.

Not only did Ed spot Daniel and wish him well on his special day, but he also got the whole crowd to join him in singing Happy Birthday. 

Speaking to BBC News NI, his mum, Danielle, said the kindness of other concert-goers made it all happen. They were quite far back but people in the crowd spotted his sign and wanted to let him through to the front. "People were so friendly and started giving Daniel high-fives and wishing him a happy birthday as they let us through without hesitation.”

Read more about it and watch the video at Belfast Live

There's a new way to earn your Kindness Badge!

After some helpful feedback from some of our Kids' Club Ambassadors, we decided to change the way you earn your Purple Kindness Badge, to make it a bit faster! Find out how to earn your badge.

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Self-Kindness Tip

Our Kindness Challenge this week is all about speaking kindly to ourselves..and your kindness tip is to do just that! Whether or not you're taking part in our Kindness Challenge, we'd like you to have a go at saying something kind to yourself in the mirror.

Kindness Quiz

Did you pay attention in this week's video? Test your powers of observation.

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