Issue # 50
January 2022

Happy Boo Year!

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and are all refreshed and ready for 2022. We're so excited about all of the amazing things we're going to do together this year. Let's get started!  

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Kind Challenge

This week, we're looking forward to all the kind things you're going to do in 2022! Can you take on our Kind New Year Challenge? 

Watch the video to find out more

Did You Know?

Kindness produces something called endorphins, which are our brain's natural painkiller. Scientists studying people in pain found that those who volunteer their time to help others had less pain and felt happier!

Show & Tell

One of our Kids' Kindness Club Members - the amazing Ava - raised almost £400 to buy food for her local food bank before Christmas. Ava and her mum said: "We just wanted to help as much as we can. No one should have to struggle." 

Well done!


This week, we'd like you to make some resolutions using our Kind New Year activity sheet. Just follow the instructions on the activity sheet, send us a photo of your completed sheet and you could win a £10 toy or book voucher. Have fun!
Deadline: 19th January

Download the Activity Sheet
(If you don't have a printer, feel free to use your own paper.)

Kind Story 

A kind-hearted ferry worker drove a pensioner 250 miles after she missed her coach connection to her Christmas holiday. Hilary (age 70) was supposed to be heading to Yorkshire but missed her coach from Portsmouth. Hilary was in tears when a concerned staff member called Mark went over to see what was wrong. After hearing what happened, Mark offered to drive Hilary instead (a 500 mile round trip!) 

Mark said: "My heart melted when I heard Hilary had missed out on her holiday...I wanted to put things right for her."

Hilary said: "What Mark did was amazing. He was so kind and thoughtful. I'm very grateful."

Story from: Wales Online. Image: Solent News. 

Earn your Kindness Badge

The Purple Kids' Kindness Club Badge is awarded for showing kindness to yourselves and others. Find out how to earn your badge.

Download Application Form

Kindness Quiz

Did you pay attention in this week's video? Test your powers of observation.

Click here to take the quiz on our
Kids' Club page.

Self-Kindness Tip

If you make a mistake or find you can't do something, speak kindly to yourself about it. Try saying: "Everyone makes mistakes sometimes," or "I can't do that YET, but I will be able to one day." or "I tried my best and that's all that matters!" 

Want More?

Find more quizzes, take our latest poll, and download lots of fun activities on our Kid's Kindness Club web page. 
Visit the Kids' Kindness Club 
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