Issue # 55
March 2022


Welcome to the Kids' Kindness Club, we hope you've had a wonderful week. Would you like to feel happy, spread kindness AND win some wonderful prizes? Watch this week's video to find out how.

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Kind Challenge

This week, we are talking all about happiness. We also have Ned Kindelbottom bringing you kind news from around the world PLUS some special guest reporters. And finally, we're announcing the winners of the Kind News Challenge! 

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Did You Know?

Two thirds of people think the Covid pandemic has made people more kind. What do you think?

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Show & Tell

This amazing girl -  Lily - wanted to help people in the Ukraine, so she set up a stall outside her home to sell her old toys and books. She raised £202, which has been donated to a charity. 

Well done Lily!


Complete our Happiness activity sheet and you could win a £40 toy of your choice from Hasbro! 

Deadline: 7th April

Download the Activity Sheet
(If you don't have a printer, feel free to use your own paper.)

Kind Story 

When Year 1 at Waverley Prep School heard their favourite Forest School teacher and caretaker, Mr Mayes, was in hospital having lots of treatment, they decided to make him a special gift. The children turned their photos and drawings into this beautiful quilt for his hospital bed. Mr Mayes felt so much love from the gift, it brought him to tears. It is massive and, according to Mr Mayes, very good at keeping him warm. 

There's a new way to earn your Kindness Badge!

After some helpful feedback from some of our Kids' Club Ambassadors, we decided to change the way you earn your Purple Kindness Badge, to make it a bit faster! Find out how to earn your badge.

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Kindness Quiz

Did you pay attention in this week's video? Test your powers of observation.

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Self-Kindness Tip

How often do you sit quietly without doing anything at all - no books, no TV...nothing? Taking a few moments each day to let our minds relax is SO important for our wellbeing. It helps us feel calmer, happier, and makes us more creative.

Want More?

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