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From Coach Blue:

"We’ve got 8 weeks until race day! This is the most exciting part of training because the workouts get really “fun”. Extended speed workouts will be the new normal and the longer, big volume days are getting more quality. All that said, there are weeks that we purposefully hold back and choose NOT to push harder. This is our way of controlling burnout and mental fatigue as the body gets more recovery. More isn’t always better and this week you’ll get a taste of that with the long run. Yes, it’s long but the the pace is pulled back from an intensity perspective. Run as much as you can, and want to, on the other days but remember never to push the pace. Those days are for recovery and regeneration so keep the intensity EASY!"
Week 8: Team Training
Threshold (TH): 10 x 1k @ 105% + 10 x 200m  @ 110% w/ 1-2 min easy jog rec - 20 min warmup, 10 min cool down

Mechanical Speed (MS): 22 x 100m strides w/ 100m easy jog - 20 min warmup, 10 min cool down - near max effort and slowest jog possible

Long Run (LR): 2 hrs 30min General Long Resistance (60 seconds per mile slower than goal marathon pace) - slowly progress into pace from warmup

For percentage clarity, go to and enter your Goal Marathon Finish Time. The website, designed by Run With The Lab runner, Chris Kalima, will give you percentages to use for the training prescribed.

See training key below for workout descriptions.

Training Key: 

The ingredients:

Threshold (TH): runs above the anaerobic or lactate threshold. Hard and fast. These runs bump up your threshold, relative to heart rate, and strengthen the cardio-respiratory system. These will always be faster than a goal marathon race pace. They fall between 1500/mile pace and marathon pace, depending on the phase of training. These workouts will lengthen in volume as we go but won’t aim to get faster. Relative to a theoretical Goal Marathon Pace, these workouts have been in the 110-115% range. For the next for weeks, they should be in the 105-110% range and will be longer in volume. 

Mechanical Speed (MS): runs with the sole purpose of improving mechanical efficiency. ie: running with near perfect form and near maximum paces for very short duration with long recoveries. This type of training doesn’t have an adrenally taxing effect so counts more as an easy day energetically while greatly improving power output, posture, speed efficiency and leg speed. 

Long Run (LR): these runs should never be looked at as easy. That’s for the other 4 days of the week. BUT they should be high-end aerobic. We don’t want to cross the threshold into anaerobic territory, we MUST STAY AEROBIC for these runs, but we do want to get faster each week and each month as we go. FASTER SHOULD NOT MEAN HARDER. In the last 8 weeks we worked in the 80-90% Goal Marathon Pace ranges in order to stay in the aerobic energy system while building power and speed in that zone. The next 4 weeks will move into 90-95% GMP ranges as fitness has improved.


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