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We are very excited to introduce our new Executive Director, Marie Vander Heiden, MA who will be starting with the Association of Professional Biology this month!  Marie comes to us with a tremendous amount of experience in economic development, capacity building, fundraising and environmental education. Our current Managing Director will still be with us until the end of the year to ensure transfer of information and help launch the joint ABCFP/APB Climate Change Webinar series.  Our staff continues to build the 10th Annual Professional Biology Conference proceedings for Prince George (April 22-25, 2015) and organize ethics sessions throughout the province.   It is membership dues time once again and this year, we are happy to announce new pricing options (multi-year (for RPBio/RBTech) and permanent (for Retired members)) that provide further savings while still continuing to provide membership benefits and advocacy.

Let us know how we can serve you!

APB Address

300-1095 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria, BC   V8P 2L5


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Upcoming Professional Development Courses

Nov 20, 2014 (7pm)
"BioSocial BioSioree"- The Barn Swallow Stewardship Project
Cedar Cottage Neighborhood Pub
3728 Clarke Drive, Vancouver, BC
Details here

Nov 29, 2014
"Ethics for Natural Resource Professionals"
Richmond, BC Details here.

Dec 10, 2014
"Joint APB/ABCFP Climate Change Series"
Webinar Series (Details to follow- check APB and ABCFP event calendars to register)

Stellar Sea Lion suns on a rock

2015 Membership Dues- January 1, 2015 deadline

As well as our very affordable pricing options for members, we are very pleased to offer 5 year  (RPBio/RBTech) and permanent (retired members ) options now!

Membership hardcopy dues will be mailed mid-November, to pay online (secure encrypted site), please login here and choose "Buy/Renew" to the left of your screen (password resets can be requested here or through the APB office, 250.483.4283).


Science Advocacy

Union of Federal Scientists and Professionals to campaign against Harper Tories Read full article.

Hunters/guiders/trappers call for increased resources and scope of Forest Practices Board Read full article.

2015 Conference

Join us for a great line up of presentations and professional networking

Prince George Civic Centre, April 23rd and 24th, 2015 (with pre- and post- conference offerings)

This event is one of the largest natural resource conferences in western Canada and offers a unique opportunity for resource networking and learnings.
  • technical tradeshow and poster sessions
  • 23 and 24 conference presentations, AGM, & banquet.
  • 22 & 25 Continuing Professional Development and Field Trips
Our theme is "Natural Resource Connections" with conference sessions focusing on:
  1. Research (timely applied biology findings)
  2. Species at Risk (i.e., Caribou and Northern Goshawk Recovery Plans)
  3. Environmental Impact issues
  4. First Nations (recent Williams Supreme Court Case ruling)
  5. Forestry (Landscape and site specific management)
  6. Mining (Current regulations and environmental protection)
  7. Range (Issues and interactions with other operators on landbase)
  8. Water (freshwater assessments and adaptive management)

Are you an equipment supplier or MacGyver wannabe? If you want to promote new technology or applications of technology in Applied Biology contact us.

If you have a course or workshop idea let us know!  We are planning an Ethics course, a workshop on restoration of disturbed sites, and other workshops such as those presented in 2014 (RAR, SAR and recent changes to the Canada Fisheries Act). If you have another need or can volunteer to present a course or workshop, let us know!

Want to volunteer? We need:
  • Speakers and Speaker/Keynote suggestions
  • Field trip and workshop organizers
  • Help organizing the conference
  • Help during the conference

If you have a talk, questions or suggestions, want to volunteer or sponsor an event, please email the APB office:



Articles of Interest to APB members


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Spatial Patterns of Breeding Success of Grizzly Bears Derived from Hierarchical Multistate Models. 2014. Fisher, J. et al. Conserv Biol 28(5): 1249–1259. OTHER KEYWDS: listed spp. 
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