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Residents' Update:
Sunday 1st September 2019

Dear All,
This week’s update includes:- Condition of Pavement Leaf Lane/ Exminster; Plastic Fencing London Road Crossing; Buses on Wrong Side of Charminster; Provision of Waste Bins around Quinton Pool; Process for Managing Weeds; Dangerous Parking on Corners; More Waste Bins on Whitley Common?; Speed Camera on London Road; HOD Venues in Cheylesmore; Family Film Night at Cheylesmore Community Centre; Tea Dance at Quinton Park Baptist Church; Who Remembers the Prefabs in Cheylesmore?; Crime Figures for July; Upcoming Works in our Area; Coventry Celebrating 25 Years of Heritage Open Days; WM Housing is Changing to Citizen; Recycling Q&As; European City of Sport Newsletter; Non-Ward-Related Information; Diary; Useful Links.
Poor Condition of Pavement along Leaf Lane & Exminster Road
From local champion Hazel:
Good afternoon Councillors
Having driven along Dillotford Avenue this morning, I couldn't help but admire the newly tarmacked pavements and drives.
Having looked at the part yet to be relaid, although it is a bit patched, in no way is it in as bad a condition as the pavements along Leaf Lane and Exminster Road which, in the main part, are the original slabs laid in the late 1950s or early 1960s.
They are really uneven, slope in all directions causing flooding in wet weather and have trips throughout. In addition they are at present covered in quite heavy weed growth having not been sprayed for some time. In the event of rain these patches will become dangerously slippy especially along Leaf Lane where, as you know, cars travel very fast. The pavement on Leaf Lane nearest to Buckfast Close also floods quite badly during heavy rain, forcing pedestrians onto the green in order to get past.
Myself and nearby residents would be most grateful if you could formally approach Council Officers as a matter of urgency, in order to raise these issues and hopefully secure improvements in the near future.

Roger contacted Streetpride & Highways for their response. The repairs to the pavements in Dillotford were first mentioned in our 3rd April 2016 update.
From Samantha Morris Area Manager (Streetpride South):
Afternoon Councillor,
With respect to weed-growth I can confirm that the second and final highway weed-spray of the year, will commence early Sept.  This programme takes the Contractor approx. 8-10 weeks to complete the whole City, and then a further 3 weeks before the weeds start to die back.  For information only the first spray takes place around May of each year.  As with a lot of grounds type works  we are very much reliant on fair weather in order to undertake this work.
I have advised the Officer who oversees this contract of the areas mentioned below.

One of the responses from Rebecca Alcock, Senior Highway Inspector:
Hi Councillor Bailey
I have been out today and taken these photos.  It looks as though the contour of the footway dips slightly so may well be holding water during periods of rainfall – you can see the area next to the verge where the detritus is staining the pavers.  However, I need to gather some evidence of the extent of the issue during heavy rain and 24 afterwards before we can make a considered decision about the most suitable course of action (if any) – this may take some time.  Jo and I will keep our eye on it as and when we can and once we have a better picture will let you know what’s next.

Plastic Fencing Panels near London Road Crossing
Good evening Councillor Bailey, 
I have been extremely concerned crossing London Road by Asda this last week There are plastic fencing panels on their side on the Asda side of the crossing I found it hard to navigate with my grandson in a pushchair and today my grand daughter fell over a metal pin on the pavement - I assume this is from the previous fencing. With children returning to school shortly I believe a risk assessment needs to be undertaken on this crossing as it is already a hotspot for accidents

Roger has asked officers when it might be repaired, realising these things are not always quick.
Buses Driving on Wrong Side of Island on Charminster Drive
Excerpt from a resident’s email:
Dear Roger,
I would like to express my concern regards the buses coming both up and down Charminster Drive. A the bus came up Charminster on the wrong side of the road, there was an ambulance blocking their way further up Charminster.
Also a few weeks ago, again one of the houses by the bollards was having a delivery of bricks, again the driver of the bus wouldn’t wait and came up the other side resulting in the bus jamming itself along the high kerb. Consequently the beautiful oak tree was cut, which has changed the appearance of Charminster, and wasn’t affecting the buses like the trees at the top of Charminster. These trees are helping with the emissions of these buses.
With the new route being looked at regards the number 23 , it would be better if the bus turned into Babicombe Road and then Dawlish Drive this would serve the shops and people on dawlish drive who have quite a walk. Instead of buses coming both ways, also if it went along Fenside towards leaflane it would serve the festival and shops. 
No one had parked were they shouldn’t it was bad driver errors, and this is happening more frequently.

Response from Nikki Houghton, Communications Manager - UK Bus
Dear Councillor Bailey,
Thank you for getting in touch about the 23 services via Charminster Drive.

There can be issues in this area where cars may be badly or inconsiderately parked, albeit not necessarily illegally which can cause some issues with bus access. We expect the highest standards from our drivers and would kindly ask that if local residents do observe any incidents of poor driving that details please be submitted to our customer relations department so that they can be fully investigated. Details can be submitted online here.
There are no changes to the 23 route following our recent consultation. We did look at the area in great detail when we last reviewed the network in 2012 and having considered the alternatives we concluded that the current route is the best option to serve the whole area. The current stops in Charminster Drive are used by over 200 passengers per day.
Provision of Waste Bins around Quinton Pool
Last week we stated that Roger had asked for a check to be made on the provision of waste bins around Cecily Road, especially to the rear of the ASDA store
Received on 23rd August from Katrina Webb, Supervisor Streetscene & Greenspace:
Hi Roger
I can confirm that I inspected the site yesterday and only a couple of bottles in the channels at the back of Asda. I have asked for the Late shift Pavement Sweeper to visit the site again next week to try and get in between the parked cars to clear the channels/gutters but due to parked vehicles is proving a problem , alternatively I will get the smaller sweeper to attend at 6am one day next week to see if there is still too many parked cars.
I have spoken to the crew who cleanse this area and they confirmed that they do empty the bins 3 times a week and have stated that they are never overflowing and sometimes ¾ full.  So we will monitor over the next month.

Process for Managing Weeds on the Adopted Highway
A resident felt that weeds on Leaf Lane would possibly need scraping off before spraying as they are “rather prolific”.

Response from Samantha Morris, Area Manager (Streetpride South)
Good Morning,
The process for managing weeds on the adopted highway is to weed spray first (as we use a contact spray). Any remaining weeds will be managed manually thereafter.

Dangerous Parking on Corners
Hi Roger,
We also have parking problem. Cars/vans are parked at the corner of The Chesils and Arundel Road and it’s difficult to approach the junction. One has to drive on the other side of the road to approach and this is quiet dangerous. I suggest double yellow line would help on the corner of both the roads( The Chesils and Arundel Road). It seems nowadays many people don't follow Highway code. To my knowledge one can't park on the corner of any road for at least 100 yards so it does not block the driver's view.
Same problem is at the junction of Arundel Road and Keviliok Street, big vans/cars are parked on the corners and it blocks driver's view to turn right or left.
I hope you can do something about these concerns.

Response from Martin Wilkinson, Senior Officer - Traffic Management:
Thank you for forwarding this request for waiting restrictions at the junction of The Chesils / Arundel Road and Arundel Road / Keviliok Street.  These junctions will be added to the list for consideration for the installation of parking restrictions as part of the next review of requests.  As you know, this is not a guarantee of their installation. Any new waiting restrictions or changes to existing restrictions are subject to a legal process which includes a 21-day period during which interested parties may object. Any objections received are then considered by the Council’s Cabinet Member for City Services. 
More Waste Bins on Whitley Common?
Hi Roger
I am dog minding and walking on Whitley Common I realise that there are no "dog waste" bins and as far as I can see only 2 waste bins.  I find that really surprising bearing in mind the number of folk walking dogs. Having said that the common is free of 'deposits', which is great.
Could you ask whoever is in charge why the common doesn't have the necessary bins please?
Sorry, me again. Just to say the waste bin on the common is dual use! However, there isn't one by the Daventry Rd entrance, which is well used. I don't know if this is deliberate but it might be well placed if there was one.

Roger has contacted officers for their advice.
Speed Camera on London Road
Extracted from CoventryLive:
The biggest problem road is the A4114 London Road.
One speed camera on the road caught 1,142 drivers over the 40mph limit alone between 2016 and 2018 – the highest speed recorded reaching almost double the limit at 77mph.
In 2018 alone the camera caught over 500 drivers going over the speed limit.

Read full article
Roger, Zaid and Roger's secretary have also been involved with:
  • Flytipping
  • Abandoned cars
  • Overgrown hedgerows in several locations
  • Issues with land ownership
  • Missing bollards
  • Assisted bin collection
Heritage Open Days - Venues in Cheylesmore
This year there are 3 venues in Cheylesmore participating in Heritage Open Days. Please check the websites to find out their opening days & times.

Stoney Road Allotment Gardens, 111a Stoney Road, CV3 6HH
Among the new additions to this year's programme are the Stoney Road Allotment Gardens, a Grade II* listed site with Historic England which contains seven fascinating Victorian and Edwardian Summerhouses. Read more

Dalecote House, 165 Warwick Road, CV3 6AU
Originally built in 1878 as a private residence for the Twist family, Dalecote House is an imposing Victorian property located in the heart of Coventry and still retains many of the original features.
It is home to 10 Masonic lodges meeting in the Coventry and local Warwickshire area. The building was purchased by the Drapers Guild around 1975 when it became the Drapers Company Club. Read more
Christ Church, Frankpledge Road, CV3 5GT
Christ Church has a long history as one of the churches forming the three spires of Coventry. However following the destruction of the church in 1941 only the spire remains on the old site. 
In March 1958 a new church building was opened for worship. The Grade II listed Christ Church building was inspired by the Festival of Britain of 1951 and features 22 stained glass windows by Belgian artist Pierre Fourmaintraux and sculptures by John Skelton. Read more
This is an opportunity to view Cheylesmore from the windows at the top of the tower.
Christ Church is also organising a Scarecrow Trail as part of the event. See diary below for more details.
Family Film Night at Cheylesmore Community Centre

More details from Hannah at
Tea Dance at Quinton Park Baptist Church
Taken from facebook:
AFTERNOON TEA DANCE on Saturday 21st September 2019 from 2pm – 4 pm
Enjoy a social afternoon of dancing - Ballroom, Latin and sequence.
Non-dancers welcome, no pressure to dance, just enjoy the music, tea and biscuits.
Venue - Community Hall, Quinton Park Baptist Church, Cheylesmore CV3 5PZ
Entrance fee – Donation for BMS World Mission
For more information contact Connie on 07753 298839
Who Remembers the Prefabs in Cheylesmore?
Copied from facebook:
I was born in Woodstock Road in 1946 and used to deliver papers all around the estate and later managed newsagents shops in the area. An ex Cheylesmore boy recently sent me some pictures taken by the prefabs in Kent Close late in 1940s which prompted me to look out photos I took of the prefab at Avoncroft museum. Many roads had prefabs after the war. Ulverscoft Rd, Meschines St, Dillotford Ave, Queen Phillipa St, Poitiers Rd, Black Prince Ave, Castle Close, Kent Close, Woodstock Rd, Eltham Rd, Crecy Rd, William Bristow Rd, some of a different style in Seneschal Rd and Park Paling. These roads had a maze of footpaths linking the roads which were a nightmare delivering papers on a dark, wet night. The prefabs had fridges, hot water systems and many mod cons that we lacked in our "posh" house.

Family - Kent Close and Crecy Road houses behind.
Boy on bike - Houses in Woodstock Road in the background.
Pram - Back of the prefabs in Kent Close
Crime Figures for July
Copied from Police.UK for July 2019:

If you wish to view the map in more detail then click here and continue click on the “+” sign. You may need to select the latest “reported in month” and press Update. Once you are at the individual street level then click on the number of incidents to see a breakdown of the actual crimes
Upcoming Works or Road Closures in our Area
Dillotford Avenue (from Daventry Road to The Chesils even side only) until 27th September – Give & Take. Reason Pavement resurfacing.
The Chesils (jnc Knoll Drive) until 15th September - 4 way signals & part of the work may need a road closure of a small section. Reason Gas mains replacement by Balfour Beatty
Steps on Warwick Road and the walkway from the station to the car park at Central 6 will close from Monday 5th August. Reason works to allow the opening up the access tunnel under Warwick Road. Pedestrians will need to walk down Warwick Road, past Eaton House and access the station past One Friargate.
A4053 Ringroad (anticlockwise) plus various city centre roads will be closed to facilitate this event on 8th September. Reason Lets Ride Coventry
Lichfield Road 16th to 27th September – road closure. Reason 1 new gullie and pipe, new kerbing and carriageway reshaping by Stephen Thorley/ Harvey Speed
Warwick Road (Rail bridge, nr junction for Central 6/ Michaelmas Road) until 30th April 2020 - footway & layby closure, also 2 way pedestrian signals. Reason Rail bridge works for Coventry City Council/ Network Rail.
Click here to view all known road works in the city
Coventry Celebrating 25 Years of Heritage Open Days
Heritage Open Days for Coventry started back in 1994. It one of very few places that took part in the first year, which now runs all across Europe. Coventry started with less than 10 events which included  the then purpose built Tourist Information Centre which is sadly missed. Also Whitefriars when it was a museum, Drapers Hall, County Hall, Holy Trinity Church. In support was the new Godiva exhibition at The Herbert Art Gallery, plus The Museum of British Road Transport and various entertainments took place which included music, dance and playlets. In the following year, we even had the Hippodrome Theatre open plus The Old Grammar School and Canal Basin. In 1996 we were joined by the Toy Museum and the Council House. The Charterhouse joined in 1997. For 2019, over 50 venues will take part covering a wide variety of different locations and attractions.

Heritage Open Days have been under the control of variety of different organisation during its 25 years namely: the Coventry Society, CV One and Coventry City Council. Roger has been involved in one form or another since the early days and has seen a huge growth in interest from the public & those wishing to take part.
Read more
To help celebrate, there is an exciting new explorer trail, perfect for budding history explorers to seek out answers to puzzling Coventry questions, hidden inside some of the city’s most inspiring buildings. Follow the trail, discover your answers and claim your free heritage badge. Read more
WM Housing is Changing to Citizen
On Monday 2nd September WM Housing is changing to Citizen.

From Kevin Rodgers, Chief Executive of Citizen:
When you communicate with us you will see a big difference.
This will include:
  • A new website and customer portal with better functionality –
  • New-look vans
  • New greetings and messages on our phone systems
  • New letters and other correspondence.
  • You’ll stop seeing our existing brands – WM Housing, Whitefriars Housing, West Mercia Homes, and Family Optima as these organisations will no longer exist.
We’re hugely excited about this change – it is much more than a rebrand, it’s a fundamental change to the way we work. We want you to see and feel a real difference and we’re confident you will.
Our move to Citizen is the start of a journey to make long-term improvements to the quality of services that we provide.
I would appreciate it if you can pass this information on to your teams, especially those that work most closely with us.
If you have any questions just send these to we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Recycling Q&As
More questions were asked of the recycling team.
From Coventry Recycling Champions:
How many wagon loads of recycling are collected a month?
We collected 5679.87 tonnes between April and June. In June there were 277 loads collected
How many of these are rejected as being contaminated?
No actual whole vehicle loads have been rejected from the tipping process
What happens to the contaminated load?
Recycling is collected and delivered into Tom White and is bulked into larger quantities for delivery to the processer (MRF). On arrival at the processor any loads that contain large proportion of black bag waste nappies food textiles and electrical items are segregated and isolated. Once sorted the contaminated materials would be sent for further sorting then incineration.
Are you saying that dirty bean tins (for example) don't contaminate a load?
The main contamination of recycling comes purely from the wrong items being placed in the blue bins and not from dirty bean tins. We will work to update our recycling pages to ask that residents put clean recycling into their bins by washing and emptying first, this advice was in all the original literature and is good practice.
Should we advise people that if in doubt then don't put it in their recycle bin?
If someone is in doubt as to whether an item is suitable for our recycling scheme, please direct them to the website:
European City of Sport Newsletter - August  
Non-Ward-Related Links
Heritage Open Days in Coventry 13th to 22nd September
British Science Festival - How does your Garden Grow?
Events calendar of some of the activity delivered through the Coventry Youth Partnership.
Pod Cafe/Food Union newsletter
Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) update
M6 J2 to J4 Smart Motorway Scheme Closure Programme - then select the Roadworks tab
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Dates for your Diary
Every Wednesday 12.15 to 1.30 (term time only) - lunch at Cheylesmore community centre prepared by adults with learning difficulties as part of their Adult Education learning programme. See the menu
Every Wednesday 12:30-2:30 – lunch at Christ Church (7 Frankpledge Road). Two course meal for £5. Transport available for £2. Advance booking required by calling the Church Office at: 024 7650 2770 or via:
Dates for your Diary
Sunday 1st September 10am - London Road Cemetery tidy-up day. Tools and gloves will be provided, along with tea, coffee and biscuits. Look at the information board near the Paxton Memorial for the location of the day’s work. For more information call Ian on:- 07746846622 or email
Sunday 8th September Let’s Ride Coventry - anticlockwise direction on the Ringroad. More info
Sunday 8th September 2pm to 3.30pm - Bands in the Park at War Memorial Park (near to the Aviary) with The Swing Museum. Free event
Friday 13th September 2pm to 4pm - Cheylesmore Good Neighbours will be celebrating Harvest Festival plus 'Kings Hill Nursery' will be demonstrating how to make an Autumn basket arrangement at the Quinton Park Baptist Church Hall.
Saturday 14th September 10am to 5pm – Christ Church Scarecrow Trail. Collect map & entry sheet at the church from 10am, £3 per entry sheet.
Saturday 14th September 1.30pm to 4pm - Cheylesmore Yarnaholics meet at Cheylesmore Library. A social group for yarn lovers. Bring your project and get stuck in.
Saturday 14th September 6.30pm - Family film night at Cheylesmore Community Centre, put on by Kings Church Coventry. The film will be family friendly and all are invited. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Free tea & coffee with a cake sale for Global Care. More details from Hannah at
Sunday 15th September 2pm to 3.30pm - Bands in the Park at Caludon Castle with City of Coventry Brass (Coinciding with Heritage Open Days). Free event
Friday 20th September 10am to 11am - Cheylesmore Poetry Group at Cheylesmore Community Library. A fun informal Group to share your work and talk about poetry. Meeting every 3rd Friday of the month
Sunday 29th September 2pm - London Road Cemetery Walk and Talk. Meet at the Paxton Memorial. For more information call Ian on:- 07746846622 or email
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Adult Social Care Online Help
Age UK Coventry - Trusted Traders Scheme
Ask the Police
Blood test locations
Carers’ Support
Cheylesmore Parking Scheme  Email:
Change Registration number on Virtual Pass
Check if a Vehicle is Taxed
Check the MOT history of a vehicle
Community Activity Directory
Coventry Independent Advice Service
Crime Rates in the area
Disposal of Large or Bulky items
Dropped Kerb Information
European Health Insurance Card
Foreign Travel Advice
General Online Safety Tips & Advice
Government Services
Homelessness, free food and support
Local Neighbourhood Police Team
Neighbourhood Watch Crime Prevention Toolkits
Noise Nuisance
“Out of Hospital” Coventry & Warwickshire
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School Closures
Which Consumer Rights -
Cyber Streetwise -
Action Fraud -
Parking Enforcement phone numbers
Misuse of a visitor pass - 024 7683 4367
Not sure a car has a permit 024 7683 4367
Change registration number on virtual pass - 0345 520 7007
Buy a new permit virtual & paper - 0345 520 7007
Query the status of a PCN (Penalty Charge Notices) - 024 7683 3400
Report Vehicle on Yellow Lines/ Dropped Kerb - 024 7683 4367
Coventry Council Customer Services
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