Sometimes banjos, too!
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Insane in the Lane brain

That was a Cypress Hill reference, y'all.
Lane Krarup (@LaneKrarup) is a TNM comedian, rapper, co-host of the StoryFellers podcast, and pretty cool guy. We asked him our standard questions, and he gave some awesomely non-standard answers.

If you'd rather watch than read, scroll down to check out Lane as one-half of comedy rap duo Vanilla Presley!

Lane being funny.Tell us about a time when you really didn’t think you were going to pull it off.

The Comedian Rap Battle Authority, a show that I put on with fellow comic Pat Sirois, was a big “what if” for us. Was a rap battle with comedians something that anyone wanted to see? Chris Trew and Rob Gagnon believed in it and gave us a shot. It’s now a regularly sold-out show for us. It’s our favorite show at the theater because it combines standup, comedic rap songs, and rap battles.

We never know exactly how the show is going to go (as far as the battles go) and I think it really unites the performers and audience in this fun suspense of not knowing what’s going to happen next.

What makes TNM stand out from other comedy theaters?

TNM is willing to let performers explore. It allows them to discover and develop their talents, and as a result come up with shows you can’t see anywhere else. When I first started trying out comedic rap, I remember that TNM was the first place I felt comfortable doing it. After some time, I was at the point where I was ready to turn this concept into a show, and TNM was the obvious choice. It’s this type of homegrown comedy, cultivated and realized at the theater itself, that gives the venue a unique variety that keeps people coming back. Also, the venue itself really has the perfect design for comedic performances, and the downtown location is great, too.

Why do you do comedy?

For me, comedy is really just the pursuit of fun. Fun can mean different things to different people, so you get to explore different ideas. What if we rapped instead of told our jokes, or what if we threw a banjo into this rap battle? Any time you have fun, it is always better to do it with more people. To tell a joke that you think is funny and share that thought and laughter with an audience is unlike any other experience.

Any fun shows coming up?

The Never Ending Comedy Contest takes place on Friday, October 2 at 10:30 PM. We keep throwing new elements into the contest, and we know this one is going to be very special!
Thanks, Lane!

Vanilla Presley - King Kong vs. Godzilla