Newsletter covering February weeks 1 and 2
Working hard to connect everything!

Judy planning our custom battery holder!

Hello to the Intimitrons supporters!

These past two weeks have been extremely productive, and we've been working hard to get our robot ready for Bag and Tag! We've planned and are almost finished constructing our forklift, which is used to lift up "Power Cubes" onto the scale and switch. We've made two parts to the lift, which is controlled using pulleys and cord, attached to a winch. All the sliders and pulleys are in place, and we are currently ironing out some issues and connecting the cord to a custom winch.

Although we're getting close to Bag and Tag, which is on the 20th, we're still working hard to prepare! 

You can watch this year's game animation here!
Drilling holes for our mounting plate!

Doing some planning on the bot.

During these past 2 weeks, we've made a lot of progress towards finishing our lift! It is made out of 8020 aluminum extrusion. We have a double wide piece which is connected to another piece which can slide up by cords that go through pulleys. We haven't finished connecting this cord to a winch yet, but that is our next goal. We have tested the lift by pulling the cord manually though, and it was successful! 

Overall, this build season is going well, and we're all looking forward to competition!
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