Bonus Newsletter
Putting together our chassis!

Getting our wiring ready!

Dear supporters,

Build season this year has been going well so far. We've been working hard to make the best robot we can, in time for Bag and Tag! We're super excited for competition!

We're hoping to attend the Canadian Pacific regional, in addition to the Canadian Rockies competition. The entry fee for a second regional is around $5000 CDN, and we also need to pay for travel costs, and for other costs associated with taking a trip to another province. The deadline for joining a second regional is January 31st, so we will need to make our final decision and payment before then. To help get funding, we have started a GoFundMe page! Any donations or help to spread the work (through social media or sharing with friends and family) will be appreciated immensely! 

If you'd like to support the team, please consider donating or sharing the GoFundMe page!
Sharing our lifter prototypes.

Showing off our designs to the group!

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