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October 6, 2020
Chicken Farmers of Canada & Sustainability
In 2017, CFC launched its first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to measure the industry's environmental and socioeconomic performance of Canadian chicken production.
  • The carbon footprint of the Canadian chicken sector is among the lowest in the world, and lowest among livestock commodities in North America.
  • On average, 65 liters of water is used to produce 1 kg of eviscerated chicken in Canada.
  • Feed production accounts for 59% of on-farm water consumed - drinking and cleaning water represent 7%.
  • Production of 1 kg of processed, eviscerated Canadian chicken consumes 66 MJ of energy, 38% of which are from non-renewable sources.
  • Since 1976, environmental performance significantly improved:
  • Carbon footprint has decreased by 37 percent per kg of chicken produced
  • Water consumption has decreased 45 percent per kg of chicken produced
  • Non-renewable energy consumption decreased 37%
  • 80% farmers say that they have taken measures to maximize their energy efficiency.
  • 70% of farmers follow an established, provincial Environmental Farm Plan.
The LCA also discovered that the reduction in environmental impacts is driven by several parameters, including; increased productivity, improvements in energy and resource consumption, and better feed conversation ratios.

These findings demonstrate the industry’s strong performance and dedication to sustainability – a responsibility we continue to uphold now, and in the future.

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“We have come a long way with the implementation of on-farm programs, and with the growth in our industry which has contributed to the Canadian economy and helps support rural communities. But we’ll always have more work to do and we will continually evolve to improve our practices and deliver on the expectations of Canadian consumers”
Benoit Fontaine
Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada

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