June 14, 2016
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Massachusetts maple producers have record year

Massachusetts maple syrup producers had a record season for the second year in a row in 2016, according to data released by the National Agricultural Statistics Survey (
NASS) on June 10. The 77,000 gallons of maple syrup exceeded by 2,000 gallons the amount produced in 2015, which itself had been a record.
A long season, starting early in the warm winter and punctuated by deep freezes in February and March that kept the sap running, was the primary reason for the increase in production. In addition, Massachusetts sugarmakers added a total of 5,000 taps statewide in 2016, according to NASS, and many have increased efficiency by installing modern equipment and adopting sustainable practices that help to boost yield.
“Massachusetts sugarmakers are stepping up production to meet growing customer demand,” says Massachusetts Maple Producers Association Coordinator Winton Pitcoff. “People are using maple syrup for cooking, in baking, in salad dressings, and even in cocktails. Every purchase of Massachusetts maple syrup not only means a family is enjoying delicious food, but also helps keeps a farm in business.” Massachusetts sugarmakers steward thousands of acres of forest in the state, and contribute millions of dollars to the state’s economy.
Demand for maple syrup has been increasing steadily, as consumers recognize the value of the sweetener as an all-natural, fat-free, allergen-free product, with fewer calories and better health properties than other sweeteners like corn syrup and cane sugar.
Maple syrup is produced only in the northeastern United States and Canada, and Massachusetts ranks 8th among maple producing U.S. states. There are more than 250 maple producers in Massachusetts, tapping more than 300,000 trees.
Many Massachusetts sugarmakers welcome visitors to their farms year-round to purchase maple syrup and other maple products, like candy and maple cream. A directory of these farms can be found at
Massachusetts Maple Producers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of maple sugaring in Massachusetts.
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