Dear Neighbors,

In the communication I sent to you yesterday, I had intended to attach Mr. Crawford's response to the investigator's report. A constituent called my attention to this oversight. I have added a link to it below.

As you may know, City Council voted on Monday night to authorize the City Attorney’s office to work to conclude Tom Crawford’s employment as city administrator. I voted in favor of this resolution. Council members Ramlawi, Hayner, and Nelson opposed it.
This action was prompted by an investigation conducted earlier this summer by an outside consultant into specific charges by several employees that Mr. Crawford had made statements that demonstrated insensitivities on the basis of race, sexual orientation, and matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion. That report was released to Council on June 29, and was followed by two closed sessions where Council deliberated possible courses of action.
I have struggled with this decision. It is painful to vote to conclude the employment of a public servant who has served the City of Ann Arbor since 2004. The report by the consultant found that although there is no evidence that Mr. Crawford has discriminated against any person in the organization, there is a pattern of discriminatory comments that "most clearly violate the Standards of Conduct Policy 5.28, which prohibits: 'Engaging in any behavior or action, on or off duty, that is detrimental to the reputation or image of the city or the operations of the workplace.'"
I struggled with the question whether this pattern of remarks rises to the level that warrants concluding Mr. Crawford’s employment. Council received a memo by Human Resources director Tom Guajardo advising Council that to be consistent with past practice in cases like these, separation would be the proper course of action. I cast my vote based on that advice as well as on my own assessment of the import of Mr. Crawford’s remarks.
You can find the report here. Mr. Crawford's response to the report is here. You can find the advisory memo here.

I welcome you to share your thoughts about these documents and my decision. I welcome your emails. I am willing to meet one-on-one or with small groups of you. Do not hesitate to ask.

If you would like to meet with me, I invite you to contact me at my Council email address:
As ever, I am grateful to you for choosing me to represent you. Please do not hesitate to send comments, questions, or request a meeting at my Council email below.


Lisa Disch
City Council Representative, Ward 1
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