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  • In the Gradebook and SpeedGrader, instructors can mark assignments as missing by entering MI or mi in the assignment cell. In Gradebook Settings, when the Automatically Apply Grade for Missing Submissions setting is enabled, entering MI or mi applies the set grade.
  • When printing individual assignment comments from the Grades page, comments display below the submission details, which improves the visibility of assignment details and comments. Previously, the comment tray opened, which hid assignment details.
  • In the Rich Content Editor (RCE), the status bar Word Counter displays a detailed view of words and characters, providing fast access to a detailed view of the word count.
  • On the Permissions page, Manage Course Content- add / edit / delete group permission has been added to Course and Account Roles. Each individual permission can also be managed separately within the group, providing more granularity for managing course content.
  • The RCE is available in New Quizzes.
  • Feature options for New Quizzes:
    • Blueprint Course Quiz Locking disables editing of New Quizzes in associated courses. This update provides consistent quiz content across blueprint-associated courses.
    • In the New Quizzes settings, instructors can enable Allow Clearing Selection (Multiple Choice) so students can clear multiple choice answers.
    • The Fill in the Blank multiple word bank answer option experience has been improved for students and instructors.
  • Images from Unsplash ( will now need to be imported as a file into Canvas. Formerly a free service incorporated into Canvas, Unsplash embeds are no longer supported. Images that were previously embedded within Canvas will remain intact with no broken links.

To be released January 21 (delayed from last month)

In the Inbox, coding has been updated to improve accessibility and functionality.

Feature delay

This feature was scheduled to be released last month but has been delayed:

Call for customer testing and feedback by January 21

With both the RCE and the Bulk Migration Tool in beta environments, users are now able to test migrations to ensure that the content migrates with images, recordings, etc. appear as expected. Instructure requests that we test and provide feedback that will go directly to the product team for evaluation

Zoom official logoZoom updates for teaching & learning

The December Zoom releases have some notable features. Review the enhanced meeting/webinar features and meeting features to be aware of what’s new that may be useful in courses.


Poll Everywhere logoReview the new retention policy for course content that went into effect on January 1. There is also an ongoing list of FAQs on our Partner Resources Wiki

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywyere logoNext month, Poll Everywhere is rolling out changes to visual settings. Presenters will see a simplified experience with all activity types. Some activity types will be deprecated, including segmentation, cluster, and heat map. Archives will be removed from the editing screen and will still be available through the report page.


  • Qualtrics XM logoIn past newsletters we noted that Email Triggers are being replaced by Workflow Tasks and that there have been some issues for those continuing to use Triggers. We now strongly recommend removing Email Triggers from surveys and to stop creating new ones. Replace them with Email Task Workflows. To mimic the common Email Trigger that sends an email upon survey completion, set the Workflow to:
    • be "started by an event" that is based upon a "Survey Response"
    • and set the "Task" to be an "Email"
  • New Qualtrics users may see a homepage Quick Start walkthrough when they log in and access their homepage. If users have no data or projects in their account the Quick Start will walk them through setting up and distributing their first survey.
  • Viewing Support Ticket history in the support portal has an updated user interface for viewing support tickets, detailed transcripts and escalations, and account information.

Upcoming Events

Calendar icon HUIT AT office hours

Drop in for advice on software development or to ask questions about any of Academic Technology's services.

Calendar icon HUIT AT Panopto office hours

Join us if you have questions about or are seeking advice for using Panopto.

Calendar icon Zoom: Work Transformation Summit

This online event addresses topics including using technology to drive growth, hearing from industry leaders on how they're navigating uncertain times, trends to keep an eye on, how to leverage technology to improve the health of your work, and actionable insights to enhance customer-facing teams.

Calendar iconNERCOMP Thought Partner Program: The Art of Hybrid Classrooms

Join thought partners to discuss current uses, challenges, and designs for Hybrid Classrooms.Topics covered include:
  • Exploring what is meant by hybrid, what technologies are involved, and what standards have been established
  • Articulating the pros and cons of various approaches to hybrid teaching
  • Identifying current issues and challenges related to hybrid classrooms
  • Answering questions or challenges that have been discussed
Event information:

Calendar iconSilicon Flatirons Annual Conference: The Internet’s Midlife Crisis

Nearly every facet of modern life is inextricably entangled with a wide range of Internet service providers and platforms. But the optimism and forward-looking nature of discussions about the Internet’s potential has given way to dissatisfaction. At this conference, a range of speakers from academia, government, civil society, and industry will focus on the past and future as they grapple with the challenges created by the Internet.

Calendar iconEquity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Forum: Reckoning & Transformation

Sponsored by the Harvard Office for EDIB, this forum brings together Harvard community members from across campuses and from all levels of the organization to envision, discuss, and develop new directions and ideas about how we can individually and collectively advance the University's EDIB goals. All Harvard affiliates are invited to attend and participate.

Calendar iconQualtrics X4 Experience Management Summit

Attend Qualtrics’ annual conference to get the latest regarding improving the student experience, increasing enrollment, and preventing employee attrition. There will be over 80 breakout sessions with academic institutions and brands that focus on experience management. Receive training on XM best practices and Platform features.

Calendar iconSave the date for InstructureCon 2023

This conference, all about Canvas, will include over 100 sessions and keynote speakers, an exhibitors hall, and the Future of Learning Exhibit. New tracks and more details will be announced.
Let us know if you have any questions!
—The HUIT Academic Technology Team
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