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To be released September 17

  • When a New Quiz is updated in a Blueprint course, admins and instructors can sync the changes across courses. This update allows admins to change content or fix grammatical errors in New Quizzes using the blueprint and the changes will appear in all the courses.
  • In Blueprint courses, New Quiz Item Banks are supported, allowing consistent Item Banks across courses.

To be released October 15

The Calendar Event Title Tooltip will be enforced in the Canvas interface for all users.

Planned outage for CidiLabs September 9

Cidi Labs will be performing upgrades to their hosting infrastructure this Friday between the hours of 10pm-2am. During this outage, the LTI tools including DesignPLUS Multi-Tool, DesignPLUS Upload/Embed Image Tool, UDOIT Cloud, TidyUP, and ReadyGO will be unavailable. Canvas content created using the Design Tools sidebar will not be affected by this outage. Editing with the Design Tools sidebar will work during the outage, with the exception of changes to user settings which will not be saved during that time.

Reminder about using Canvas as a platform solution for ILEs 

We encourage Schools to think about what needs may be fulfilled by using Canvas for these kinds of Informal Learning Experiences (ILEs) and to closely weigh the benefits and possible challenges of using Canvas for some of these purposes. Please consider if it’s preferable to use another platform that may suit the needs of the user better and may be more sustainable to administer before fulfilling an ILE request.

Zoom official logoZoom updates for teaching & learning

With approval from the ATAB, we have disabled the ability to create Personal Meeting ID (PMI) type meetings with the Zoom LTI tool.


Poll Everywhere logoOur Panopto office hours are currently hosted weekly on Fridays, so stop by if you have a Panopto question! See the timing and Zoom link info below in “Events.”

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere logoUpdated Instructor and Student Guides are available for the 2022-2023 academic year.


  • Slack logoThere’s now a Channel Manager role that gives designated members control over channel administration. New channel creators will automatically be granted the Channel Manager role.
  • To be released September 20
    • Members will receive notifications at 2 hours and then at 15 minutes before their session ends and they are logged out, giving them the opportunity to re-authenticate first.

Upcoming Events

Calendar icon HUIT AT office hours

Drop in for advice on software development or to ask questions about any of Academic Technology's services.

Calendar icon HUIT AT Panopto office hours

Bring any Panopto questions that you have to an office hours session hosted by Academic Technology.

Calendar iconData-Driven Decision-Making and Strategic Planning: Compare Peer Budgets, Staffing, and Technology Solutions

Discuss the value of IT and benchmarking with peers. 

Calendar iconDay Zero: The Future of Digital Governance

As part of Unfinished Live, the McCourt Institute is hosting an event dedicated to “The Future of Digital Governance,” to positively shape the next digital era and anticipate how tech will be regulated in the Web3 generation. 

Calendar iconBeyond the Badge: Building a Culture of Success Through Digital Credentials

Presented by Instructure, the webinar will cover how Canvas Credentials can combine and connect badges from multiple sources into a meaningful pathway for learners. Motivate and engage students with visual, stackable, and shareable pathways while allowing them to carry their skills throughout their educational journey. 

Calendar icon2022 HILT Conference

The annual HILT (Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching) Conference will explore various approaches to collaborative learning and the successes and challenges in facilitating group dynamics. The plenary session will demonstrate the importance of psychological safety as a foundation for successful teamwork.

Calendar iconEDUCAUSE Annual Conference 

The annual conference features the latest trends in higher ed IT from experts and community peers. It provides networking opportunities for meaningful connections and access to innovative technology and solutions providers.
—The HUIT Academic Technology Team
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