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  • Observers who are linked to multiple students can select which student’s dashboard they want to view so that they can view one student’s information at a time.
  • Feature Options
    • The Improved Outcomes Management feature is set to Allow, so schools can choose to enable it. This feature now includes the Average calculation Method, so that admins and instructors can use the Average method to calculate a final outcome score as a simple, unweighted average of all item scores for that outcome. 
    • The Account and Course Level Outcome Mastery Scales feature option is available.
      • When enabled, the default mastery ratings will display a 0-4 scale.
      • If a rubric with aligned outcomes has been used to assess an assignment before Account and Course Level Outcome Mastery Scales are enabled, the assignment is not affected. However, any assignments not previously assessed by the rubric are affected if mastery scores are adjusted.

To be released August 3

Classic Quizzes deprecation

Instructure plans to replace Classic Quizzes with New Quizzes. Join the Quizzes Transition User Group to follow updates on the transition. 

The extensive New Quizzes End of Quarter Update - Q2 202 has a useful recap of New Quizzes resources, accomplishments for Q2, and goals for Q3. A couple of highlights:

  • The need for surveys remains on the radar, although the exact plan is to be determined. The update notes "There is only one function that we have noted will not copy exactly [from Classic Quizzes] in New Quizzes and that’s creating a survey, which we plan to use current/planned functionality to meet those needs."
  • There is now an additional dedicated team working to integrate the Rich Content Editor (RCE) with New Quizzes. See their dedicated RCE update, and click through to their phased plan for the RCE integration
If you are waiting for a feature to be added to New Quizzes, periodically review the Canvas New Quizzes Feature Comparison for changes. Also note the Transparency into Quizzes Planning (i.e. roadmap) post. It’s frequently updated and lists features in all stages of development–from completed to not started yet.


Zoom official logoZoom updates for teaching & learning 


Poll Everywhere logoUpdates and fixes have been made as of July 21, including a new option for Seek and Variable Speed Playback behavior. This only prevents forward seeking and allows seeking back to previously watched content.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere logo
  • Poll Everywhere at Harvard has just gotten more streamlined! Users (except those from HBS) are now under the central Harvard Poll Everywhere account. All users should log in to to access activities or provision their account. 
  • Following this exciting merge, we are able to assign Team Leads. This new presenter role can create Teams and manage Team membership, clear and reset Shared activities, and run reports for all activities shared with the Team. If you or a colleague would like to be assigned this role, please request it through
  • In response to feedback from HUIT’s Digital Accessibility Services (DAS) and Academic Technology, Poll Everywhere has improved accessibility within their training portal. Check it out!
  • There are now two new Accessibility Roadmaps–one for presenters and one for participants.



  • Slack logoWorkspace Members can sign in to Slack on their mobile device by scanning a QR code from the Slack workspace menu on their desktop.
  • Unsend your last message by typing Cmd+Z (Mac) or Ctrl+Z (Windows) after sending a message to remove it from the conversation.

Upcoming Events

Calendar icon HUIT AT office hours

Drop in for advice on software development or to ask questions about any of Academic Technology's services.

Calendar iconZoom Live Training: Special Series for Education starts tomorrow!

This three-part event series demonstrates how to set up classrooms and engage students on Zoom. Live training sessions are interactive, with opportunities for live Q&A with Zoom Trainers, and focus on best practices for using Zoom in an educational setting and as an educational tool. 

Zoom recommends signing up for all sessions, since they build on each other. If you cannot attend, sign up to receive the recordings. These links can be sent to end-users, as live training events are for all Zoom users.

Calendar icon2022 HILT Conference Teamwork: Facilitating Group Dynamics and Encouraging Student Collaboration

The annual HILT (Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching) Conference will explore various approaches to collaborative learning and the successes and challenges in facilitating group dynamics. The plenary session will demonstrate the importance of psychological safety as a foundation for successful teamwork.
—The HUIT Academic Technology Team
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