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To be released March 18

When the “Submission - Submit on behalf of student” permission is enabled, instructors can submit a file upload assignment on behalf of a student in the Gradebook. This permission is disabled and unlocked at the root account for all teaching and course support roles, so schools may enable this for specified course roles in their own sub-accounts.

Feature delay

Improvements to the inbox have now been delayed with no firm date scheduled.

Canvas roadmap

The Canvas roadmap for 2023 has a new layout so that you can see what has been released and what will be ready by July 2023, as well as any features that may be updated (meaning a change in timing or scope). Updated roadmap items will be accompanied by a blog post from the Product Manager to provide more context.

New Quizzes

Instructure has posted their Q4 update on the status of New Quizzes, which addresses the Rich Content Editor, API, and Item Analysis.


Instructure’s initial take on ChatGPT in education is in their blog, with plans to continue addressing implications of this technology in the coming months.


  • The new LTI Easy Scheduler feature provides an office hours, scheduling, and calendar system through Zoom. Instructors can create, edit and publish their availability for office hours. Students can view active bookable schedules in their course and schedule 1:1 appointments with their instructors. This feature is in the Appointments tab in the Zoom LTI tool.
  • Meeting hosts can view analytics for course recordings right in the Zoom LTI. Metrics available are page views and downloads.
  • Bug resolved: in January, we received reports of the Zoom LTI in Canvas wasn’t working as expected: teaching staff added to a course were only made alternative hosts of meetings scheduled in the future rather than all meetings, including those already scheduled. This bug has been fixed and the behavior matches what is described in this knowledge article.


Poll Everywhere logoKnown issue alert: users who have third-party cookies blocked in their browser are unable to embed or view content with the Panopto LTI tool. The workaround is to enable third-party cookies, and Panopto plans to resolve this by March 10.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywyere logoPoll Everywhere has released a new app for Microsoft Teams. Users can present Poll Everywhere activities directly in the Microsoft Teams meeting window.


Qualtrics XM logo

In production

  • Create public links to results dashboards. Users can add a password to the public dashboards.
  • The option “Replace from library” has been added to question actions in the survey builder.
  • SMS pricing has just increased. Due to mobile carriers increasing their message prices for countries outside the U.S., Qualtrics’ SMS provider is adjusting their outgoing SMS message pricing. Qualtrics is passing these fees on with no additional markup. For current SMS pricing, please visit the SMS Distributions support page. Messaging costs to the following countries have been changed: Bermuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Gabon, Guinea, Honduras, Indonesia, Ireland, Liberia, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, Russia, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago, and United Arab Emirates.

To be released March 15

  • A new version of dashboards will have these added features: 
    • Redesigned page navigation flow to provide a better viewer experience. 
    • WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility.
    • Dashboard URLs that redirect to the specific dashboard after login, so that it can be shared easily with other Qualtrics users.
    • PDF and JPG exports that include all the widget content for scrollable widgets such as Table, Record Table and Response Ticker.
  • Rollout timeline:
    • March 15: dashboard editors will see a banner in their dashboards where they can select “Try it now” to opt individual dashboards into the new version.
    • May: all dashboards will default to the new version. Dashboard editors will have the ability to switch back individual dashboards to the older version.
    • July: the old version of dashboards will be fully deprecated. 

Workaround available for Qualtrics surveys behind one type of HarvardKey authentication

  • Due to an unannounced change made to the Qualtrics API last month, users encountered an issue with Qualtrics surveys that are behind HarvardKey token authentication. Participants who tried to respond to these surveys (which require participants to log in) got an error and were not able to access and take the surveys. 
  • There is a workaround for those that want to continue to use this type of authentication, and our documentation has been updated. The survey author needs to share any survey that uses token authentication with a special user we have created titled "Harvard Token Authentication” and grant the "View reports -> Download Survey Results" permission to this user. 
  • There are two other types of authentication available for surveys that are unaffected by the API change.


Slack logo

To be released March 14

  • Users working with partners in Slack Connect can now right-click on their partner's custom emojis to add it to their own workspace.
  • Navigate to a new “Later” view in the sidebar to explore task management features for saved items.
  • Slack is updating default sorting behavior and expanding the sidebar preferences, menus, and design to offer more options to match different working styles.
  • When user have 30+ channels in the sidebar, Slack will show & recommend the “Unreads only” view.
  • New default sidebar sorting options for all users
    • @Mentions will be sorted to the top of a section.
    • Direct messages and apps added to a custom section will be sorted according to the selected sort order preferences of that section.
  • A new “Mentions only” view that can be applied for a specific section or all sections.
  • Change back to the previous default experience anytime by adjusting the options in sidebar preferences.

Upcoming Events

Calendar icon HUIT AT office hours

Drop in for advice on software development or to ask questions about any of Academic Technology's services.

Calendar icon HUIT AT Panopto office hours

Join us if you have questions about or are seeking advice for using Panopto.

Calendar icon NERCOMP Annual Conference

Featuring dozens of sessions on trending higher education technology topics and a vibrant exhibit hall, this conference provides a setting for dialogue with colleagues from across the Northeast.

Calendar iconNERCOMP Idea Day 2023

Idea Day is an opportunity for NERCOMP Members from across the region to come together to plan the Professional Development Opportunities Event Calendar for the upcoming year. Attendees collaborate to shape the topics and schedule, by reviewing submitted proposals, and by identifying hot topics and emerging themes.

Calendar iconSave the date for InstructureCon 2023

This conference all about Canvas will include over 100 sessions and keynote speakers, an exhibitors hall, and the Future of Learning Exhibit. New tracks and more details will be announced. The Call for Proposals is open, so if you have a presentation idea submit it now to be notified by 2/27 if it has been selected.
Let us know if you have any questions!
—The HUIT Academic Technology Team
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