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Energy Solutions Seychelles
Renewable Energy Newsletter #5
September 2016

Prestigious Le Duc Hotel Praslin Going Green

Recently awarded the prestigious Agoda award Le Duc Hotel Praslin (Director Robert Payet) has always had sustainable tourism at the forefront of his hotel business and has now chosen ESS to install a PV system.

Le Duc Hotel leads the way in sustainable tourism, through implementation of leading environmental and energy efficient technologies which reduces the hotels environmental foot print on Praslin. These measures include things such as energy management system for air-conditioning, rain water harvesting, bulbs retrofitted to LED, substituting chlorine in the pool with magnesium chloride and now excitingly they have endeavor on a new project reducing their reliance on fossil fuel with the aid of a substantial PV system.

The guest will be please to know that the Le Duc Hotel will save over 56 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions; equivalent to 130 barrel of oil not being used or 53 acres of trees planted in one year.

Additionally, the hotel will reducing reduce their running cost by installing a large PV system. Stay tune for our next newsletter edition to see the completed installation.

See the full article in the Nation 12/08/2016.

Top Malaysian LED Manufacture, Success Electronics, Forms Partnership with Energy Solutions Seychelles.

Ms Lee, International Sales Manager, Success Electronics, has visited the Seychelles in July to discuss the business environment and promote international relations with ESS.

ESS has been using their industrial LED lighting products since 2013. Success electronics specialises in LED street lighting, industrial flood lights, highbay warehouse lights, indoor downlights and outdoor landscape lighting.

Ms Lee enjoy meeting local clients and also sampled the local Seychelles cuisine.

At ESS we look forward with continuing our relationship with Success Electronics. If you would like to know more about industrial LED lights, please contact us.

Please see our website for our range of Industrial LED Flood Lights.

ESS Attend Vimentis Business Seminar

ESS attended the Vimentis Business Seminar a second year in a row in August.
The two day seminar was to strengthen business partnerships and develop alternative sales techniques. 
At ESS we like to keep on top of customer services and these types of courses help us keep fresh and in touch with the current market. 

See full article in the Nation 10/08/2016.

Our Satisfied Customer Review

Why did you choose renewable energy?
I knew that the upfront investment was somewhat weighty, even with the rebate, but I thought that it would be an investment into the future with a little sacrifice to go with it. I reasoned that the whole world is going that way, and very quickly at that, and I would not wrong to be going that way too. Besides I read amply before on developments in the industry along with the efficiency gains that were being made over time.
Why did you choose ESS as your PV supplier?
He made my venture sound great and again that was encouraging. It turned out that my first conversation with the service provider was so rewarding and fulfilling that I did not even bother to explore other potential suppliers; not even to explore if they would be cheaper or not.
How are you benefiting from your PV system?
With the first installation my electricity bill went down by almost 50% (most times) while the second 2 kilo watt installation is taking an additional 30% or so off my bill.
Money saved can best be used for more immediate investment.

Mr Moustache -  Mahe, Seychelles 

If you are thinking of investing in PV we are happy to put you in touch with one of our happy customers.

PMC Auto Group Make Record Savings

With the new 30 kW PV installation now online in Providence, PMC have made significant savings in electricity cost.
If you own a commercial premise and would also like to cut electricity cost, contact us today.

PMC Auto Group Transforming the Seychelles Car Market with
100% Electric Vehicles

With more and more people being conscious about their own impacted on the environment and switching to electric cars for their means of transport, ESS is happy to inform that we are the preferential PV supplier to the Nissan Leaf through Sun Motors.
See full article in the Nation.

You can now have a PV system design just for your Nissan Leaf to offset the electricity needed to charge your car, while saving money. If you are thinking of purchasing or already have an Electric Vehicle, please contact us for a PV system quote.

Green Energy Financing

Now is the perfect time to invest into renewable energy and energy efficient products.
Currently in the Seychelles there are a number of financing options to help you go Green!
  See our financing page for more information.

See the Nation article about the SEEREP Loan.

Seychelles Achieves 1.6 MW of PV Installed Panels

According to the Public Utilities Company (PUC), the total electricity generation from grid-connected PV systems had reached 2,421,812 kWh as of 30 June 2016 based on monthly PUC billing data and it is estimated that an emissions reduction of 1,671 tons CO2 equivalent has been achieved.
In simple terms that is an estimated 6,400 PV panels installed with a surface area of around 10,500 m2 which equates to removing 360 cars off the road, not burning 3,940 barrels of oil, planting 44,100 trees and powering 700 low electricity consuming homes for one year.
This is a wonderful and exciting achievement in just a few short years.

ESS Partners with the Solar School Programme

ESS has completed the Baie Ste Anne Praslin PV installation and teacher’s education session. The school will now reduce their electricity bills and have a great tool for teaching renewable energy.
See full article in the Nation

ESS has successfully won the bid to install a PV system for Anse Etoile Primary School.
If your school is interest in the Solar School Programme please contact us.

The Face Behind Energy Solutions Seychelles

Director and entrepreneur of ESS, Mr Richard Hoareau, was born to Seychellois parents and raised in Australia for the majority of his life, only to return to Seychelles to start ESS.
When asked about the reason for such a big decision Mr Hoareau replied “Seychelles is always in my heart and the environment is most important to me. I felt that I could make a big difference in Seychelles with the help of the Seychelles people and my specialised skill set.”
ESS has grown from a two-person business to now providing employment for 6 people. Additionally, ESS promotes sustainability by supplying many homes and businesses with clean green PV renewable energy.
When questioned if one person can really make a difference, Mr Hoareau replied “like a stone thrown into a lake, it only takes one act of kindness from one person to start a ripple effect.”
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