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"Songs, songs kept them going and going.
They didn't realize the millions of seeds they were sowing.
They were singing in marches, even singing in jail.
Songs gave them courage to believe they would not fail."

                                      - Pete Seeger

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"What makes Street Symphony unique among social saviors is their unwavering belief in the power of music to heal people and forge unbreakable bonds. Dedicated to those who’ve found themselves living or incarcerated along society’s fringes, their mission is a sonic signal for change. And by bringing renewed hope and beauty to those who have seen less than society’s best, a path to more peace and understanding is being paved for all."
Awesome Without Borders [gives no-strings-attached weekly grants to awesome initiatives which solve a problem, cultivate community, and spread joy.]

Street Symphony is delighted to be named the recipient of a 2015 AWESOME WITHOUT BORDERS grant of $1000, which will be put towards producing a video podcast series. It is our goal to tell the stories of our musicians, the community partners that host us, and the awe-inspiring audiences we engage at places like the Los Angeles County Jail and Midnight Mission. With the help of Awesome Without Borders, and support from you, we can bring the beauty and power of Street Symphony to the world. 

Telemundo recently visited us at The Midnight Mission, and interviewed Street Symphony's Artistic Director, violinist Vijay Gupta and violinist Mitchell Newman, who gave his interview in Spanish. Vijay and Mitch were joined by clarinetist Burt Hara, cellist Barry Gold and violist Zach Dellinger. 

"La música es más que un derecho, es una necesidad" - Mitchell Newman

Street Symphony is about offering the healing power of music to all people. Anywhere. In the 160 events we've played since 2011, we've reached thousands of people experiencing homelessness or incarceration. Our audiences are beautiful human beings.  We rarely hear a louder cheer, a more deafening roar of gratitude and blazing joy. It’s hard to get them to stop clapping.

We are so grateful to our audiences - for reminding us why we make music in the first place. 

Join us today. Become a sustaining member of Street Symphony. Bring music to our world. 
Street Symphony's jazz ensemble, lead by guitarist Brandon Bernstein, performs at the Midnight Mission
Photo credit: Erik Rynearson



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