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greetings from the artistic director

Winter 2013

Street Symphony concert at the LA County Jail.
Street Symphony is an ensemble of musical humanitarians, dedicated to delivering live, world-class music to people living in impoverished, disenfranchised communities in Los Angeles.

Street Symphony musicians bring their human and musical talents to Skid Row -  to homeless shelters and clinics, and Los Angeles County Jails - performing 120 concerts for over 2,500 people since August 2011.Street Symphony at Educational Based Incarceration.
Just this past month, we celebrated our 41st performance at the LA County Jails, where musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic were led by Street Symphony's Founder and Artistic Director Vijay Gupta.


Street Symphony Featured on NBC Nightly News

In every venue, for every community, our ensembles of world-class musicians reach out to deliver the tremendous healing power of music on the mind and soul – but more importantly, we encounter the ability of music to bring joy, harmony, humanity and unity to all people.

We are constantly reminded of why we make music.

As Street Symphony develops a vital presence throughout Southern California, we face the persistent challenge of balancing truly extraordinary musical and human talent, the call-to-action of bringing incredible music to often ostracized and stigmatized people – and the Herculean effort to sustain it all. Your contribution helps us develop our musical and organizational family by creating opportunities for extraordinarily talented musicians/humanitarians to join the Street Symphony team, as well as inviting you, our community, to tell our story and become part of this journey. Give Now For A 2013 Tax Deduction!

Become part of a musical movement, taking place in the heart of Los Angeles. 
Donate to Street Symphony today.  Street Symphony, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

With warmest regards,
(Robert) Vijay Gupta, MM
Founder/Artistic Director
Violin, Los Angeles Philharmonic
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