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“Melody calls me, it's soothing, and it lets me know I'm safe emotionally and spiritually, and I can go where I want to go…

                                        - Los Angeles County Jail Inmate Mia Allen

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Musicians perform for inmates
Street Symphony musicians Vijay Gupta, Jason Uyeyama, Joy Song, and Zach Dellinger at Twin Towers Jail
Source: Los Angeles Times, Steve Lopez

How does music heal our world? 

This December, Street Symphony celebrated its 59th event at the Los Angeles County Jails, where we bring beautiful music - and human acknowledgement - to incarcerated women and men within an education-based incarceration program. 

Here's Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rand Rubin's take on Street Symphony:  "The most gratifying part of these events is the emotion-filled positive response to the music not only by the inmates, but also by the correctional staff and the Street Symphony musicians. The inmates frequently express heartfelt thanks and are moved to tears by the music. I believe these Street Symphony musicians represent the very best of humanity, generosity and community."

Midnight Mission Los Angeles Street Symphony Jazz Concert 9 Chuck Manning laughing with audience member
Saxophonist Chuck Manning greets an audience member at The Midnight Mission
Photo Credit: Erik Rynearson

Street Symphony is about offering the healing power of music to all people. Anywhere. In the 160 events we've played since 2011, we've reached thousands of people experiencing homelessness or incarceration. Our audiences are beautiful human beings.  We rarely hear a louder cheer, a more deafening roar of gratitude and blazing joy. It’s hard to get them to stop clapping.

We are so grateful to our audiences - for reminding us why we make music in the first place. 

Join us today. Become a sustaining member of Street Symphony. Bring music to our world. 



     Street Symphony is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. 

May your 2015 be filled with music and justice
for the world we live in, 

Vijay Gupta
Founder/Artistic Director, Street Symphony
Violin, Los Angeles Philharmonic

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