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xlwings 0.14 and 0.15

xlwings 0.14 added asynchronous UDFs, i.e. user defined functions that return immediately with a #N/A waiting... and update the cell with the result once the calculation has finished. They don't block Excel and hence allow you to continue working while they are waiting for the result. Using async functions is as easy as:
xlwings 0.15 introduced a new version of dynamic arrays. Note that if you are already enjoying the new native dynamic arrays of Excel (currently accessible only if you are on the Office 365 insider channel), you don't have to do anything special and should not use xlwings' version of the dynamic arrays via the return decorator.
For those that still need to use xlwings' version of dynamic arrays: They have been improved with these advantages:
  • They now use Excel's (legacy) array formulas
  • They are faster
  • They don't require an empty row/column around them anymore

xlwings REST API video

The xlwings homepage now features a 2 minutes video of how you can make use of the new REST API that was introduced with 0.13. Click the button below to watch. Also don't forget to upvote this issue if you would like us to implement the POST methods (e.g. to create new workbooks).
Watch Video

xlwings course: New videos

New/edited videos have been added to reflect the latest versions of xlwings:
  • In-depth video about the REST API
  • Introduction into asynchronous UDFs
  • Updated Tutorial 1 to reflect the breaking change with xlwings 0.13.0 on how to index app instances
Everybody who is enrolled in the course gets access automatically.
Check it out
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