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As many of you know from the newspapers, the Portland Pipeline served the city of South Portland with a lawsuit on Feb 10th that will attempt to nullify the Clear Skies Ordinance which our city council passed, 6-1, with overwhelming support, last July. 

Overall, we’re disappointed, but not surprised. Here we are again with another David and Goliath battle, and we hope this one ends the way the first one did!


This is about a city’s right to determine its own future and protect the health and well-being of its citizens. Big oil, with its vastly unlimited funds, is trying to take that right away. We at Protect South Portland are going to do everything we can to support the city.


Here’s what PSP thinks: 

The Clear Skies Ordinance was passed with overwhelming participation and support from the community.  

 The oil industry is trying to strip the city of its rights to control its own future.  

We stand 100% behind the city of SP in defending this lawsuit.


Please show your support of the Clear Skies Ordinance, our city, and city councilors by writing letters to the editor to the Portland Press Herald, the Current, the Forecaster and the Sentry, or by emailing city councilors to show you stand behind them.

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught
will we realize we cannot eat money.
~ Cree Indian Proverb ~


- Meg Braley and the PSP Team

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