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Now more than ever, your presence at the City Council meeting tomorrow night is needed! (RSVP here)


First vote on Clear Skies Ordinance RESCHEDULED by Mayor:

TOMORROW, Wed. (7/9) at 7PM

Community Center Gym, 21 Nelson Rd, South Portland

RSVP here


We were surprised last night to arrive at the City Council meeting, slotted for their first vote on the Clear Skies Ordinance, to find that oil industry supporters, nearly all of whom we had never seen at any meetings before, had arrived an hour early at 6PM to take up all the seats that South Portland residents regularly use to attend workshops and meetings.


Because of the crowds, the City Council was prevented from holding the meeting - now rescheduled for the larger Community Center venue at 7PM tomorrow evening.


The oil interests want to show that we are divided. But after many long months of research, education, and hard work by the community, by our city councilors, and by the Draft Ordinance Committee, the debate on tar sands in South Portland is over. We have no need to be drawn further into any heated dialogue, so how about we just be friendly and respectful to our out-of-town guests?


Please come tomorrow evening at 7PM to the S.P. Community Center!

Wear your Clear Skies tee-shirts (or anything light blue!).

RSVP here


And please write to our city councilors below to thank them for their support of the ordinance.


See you tomorrow night!

Meg and the Protect South Portland team

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