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Hi Friends and Supporters,

Time to get our hands and feet into the garden, oil up our bikes, and ride on over to Red's! 

Meanwhile, here's our latest news for you: 

1. April Stools Day/Earth Day Clean Up

Please join PSP in supporting SPDOG's effort to clean up dog waste at S.P.’s Hinckley Park. (Prizes from local businesses)!!

When: tomorrow, Saturday, April 25th - 9AM to 12 noon

Where: Hinckley Park, Highland Ave, South Portland

Wear: warm clothes and boots!

Pick up supplies: provided at the entrance to the park. 

For more info: Crystal at or 207-671-6393.

Kimball Brook is an urban impaired steam that runs through Hinkley, collecting run off, which flows to Mill Creek and then into Casco Bay. Our new Bees, Bays, and Backyards group wants to help, as water quality is immediately compromised by pesticides, fertilizers, and pet waste.


2. Bees, Bays, and Backyards

Did you know that 24 towns in Maine have passed some kind of ordinance to ban the use of pesticides? PSP is currently busy putting together a plan to bring that about in South Portland. The group working on it calls itself "Bees, Bays and Backyards” - catchy, eh? Come to the May 12th meeting (see below) to learn more about this venture and find out what you can do to protect our kids, pets, bees, butterflies, sea creatures, and all the rest of us from the effects of toxic pesticides.


3. Did you know you could add your sidewalk to the "no spray" list?

SP currently sprays its sidewalks with Roundup, a Monsanto-made weed killer, now clearly associated with cancer. If you would like the sidewalk in front of your home to be put on a no spray list, call Doug Howard, Director of Parks and Public Works, at 767-7645. He has been very accommodating. 


4. PSP Quarterly Community Meeting

When: Tues. May 12th, 7 - 8:30PM

Where: South Portland High School Library

What: We want to let you know what we’ve been up to, and we want to hear from YOU!


We’re very excited to have Mary Cerullo from Friends of Casco Bay join us May 12th for her fun, informative presentation,

BayScaping: Green Lawns that Keep Casco Bay Blue. 

For nearly 15 years, Friends of Casco Bay has been documenting the presence of pesticides and the impacts of nitrogen in our coastal waters. Working in tandem with the Maine Board of Pesticides Control, Cooperative Extension, Master Gardeners, and dedicated lawn care professionals, they use their data to persuade homeowners to adopt ecological lawn care practices that don’t rely on lawn chemicals. 

See you May 12th!


 - Meg Braley and the PSP Team

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