As increasing numbers of young people across Australia choose alternative education over more traditional paths, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘what is working for these young people and why?’ A two year in-depth study by our friends at Victoria University answers these questions and more. Our website features 900 programs (and growing) throughout Australia which offer lessons for all educators interested in providing learning pathways and hope, particularly for young people who have disengaged from education. Read the story of WAVE in SA in our newsletter below and see this video of Albert Park in Qld where the students tell us exactly what is working for them. We would love to hear and share your stories of success and inspiration, too.


Teya Dusseldorp, Executive Director

Alternative learning research launch on Friday

AFTER two years of research into Alternative Learning, Associate Professor Kitty te Riele launches her findings this Friday at Victoria University. Putting the Jigsaw Together: Flexible Learning Programs in Australia is launched by The Ian Potter Foundation, with the resultant case studies available on the Dusseldorp Forum website after Friday’s launch.

Riding the Alternative Learning WAVE

FEELING safe and respected in a classroom makes a difference, as does belonging to a group and not being given up on, according to WAVE manager Paul Sherman. Based in Adelaide, WAVE is one of eight Alternative Learning programs profiled in depth by Victoria University’s Associate Professor Kitty te Riele.

"Map" explains policy changes

Changing government terrain was the impetus for the Map for the Future's newly re-written policy section on the Dusseldorp Forum site. Professor Kitty te Riele’s original paper was published in 2012; the update outlines Federal, state and territory policy changes relevant to alternative education.
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