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The subject of what to cook for dinner on any given night is a great equalizer. Regardless of your walk of life, where you live, or whether you're a vegetarian or a die-hard carnivore, if you are the person responsible for making food appear on the table, the question remains, day in and day out.

So, what's for dinner this week?

This is what's for dinner this week.
My family loves soups that eat like stews, meaning that there is so much going on, every mouthful is chockablock with ingredients, and the flavorful liquid just helps them join forces into a soup. I also love a soup that could be a balanced meal all on its own, with all the food groups represented. And we all love Thai flavors, so to start the week it will be big bowls of Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice Noodle Soup.

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Remember when Gloria has to list five foods that begin with the letter "Q" on Jeopardy in the movie White Men Can't Jump? I don't think any of them are quesadilla, but maybe I should watch it again. Add a salad, and you are done. A good quesadilla dinner is always one of my kids’ favorites.

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If you take 20 minutes in the morning to throw this together in the slow cooker, your later-in-the-afternoon self will walk in the door and say, “Oh, what smells so good?” Serve with some egg noodles, and a salad. You may well have leftovers for later in the week (double the recipe if you want to guarantee that).

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I’m milking the comfort food thing this week. Milking it, I tell you. (But this does happen to be vegetarian).

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You dear, dear person, reading all the way to Friday. As a reward, you should make yourself Filet Mignon with Pistou with Creamed Kale with Parmesan and Smashed Roasted Baby Potatoes. You deserve it.

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