Meal Plan Problems Solved!
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Here is something I don't like very much about myself: I start lamenting the passing of summer before it’s even in full swing. I start looking at the calendar and planning the weekends, things I want to do combined with the things I have to do (often not mutually exclusive, visiting friends and relatives and whatnot). And thentoo quicklyI am looking at the end of August.

This is what I look like:

Only less cute because I am not a Pixar character. I want to say that this year will be different. And I will really, really, really try to be more in the moment and resist the urge to constantly peer into the future, putting the summer months in the rearview mirror before they’ve had a chance to unfold.

But peaches aren’t even in season yet, for God’s sake! So what am I moaning about? THIS is what I will be cooking this week in JUNE, with MANY, MANY WEEKS OF SUMMER AHEAD OF ME!
We are total salad freaks, and this one’s pretty easy on the eyes. Use any leftover cooked chicken you have, or some meat from a rotisserie chickenI used one large chicken breast I had marinated in an herby marinade and sautéed, and it was perfect. This would be another perfect chicken choice.

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6 ingredients and the possibilities are pretty unlimited. Use this to marinate chicken, pork, tofu, fish, seafood . . . and then cook on the grill or sauté in a pan. How long to marinate? Click here.

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This was a dish I really didn’t have to ask about . . . slice after slice was being inhaled, but because I am a needy food writer, I said, “So, you guys like this, huh?” “I would have paid $29.95 for that steak,” said Gary. When they say that you can’t put a price on love, I guess that’s only partly true.

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If Gary were ever asked what single-subject cookbook he would want me to write, the topic he would choose would undoubtedly be stir-fry.

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Looks great, not hard to make. And that is just what we want in a grilled meal for entertaining. (But don’t wait to have folks over to make thisyou deserve a special meal, too.)

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