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Happy Memorial Day, my friends. I know the minute you think about what this holiday is actually all about, wishing you a Happy Memorial Day is kind of an oxymoron. However, we also know this weekend to be the official/unofficial kickoff to summer, and we’ve been waiting for this one for what feels like a long while.

So, Monday’s choices are a little more expansive in case you are thinking about having some folks over for food and fun. The rest of the week assumes that you have the usual hectic life you lead, possibly with children heading into the home stretch of school, possibly with children about to GRADUATE. (Holy mother of . . .)
A Memorial Day Menu
Greet your peeps with a Peach Cocktail or Mocktail, or both.

Fork-in-the-Road Marinated Chicken Kebabs may be a companion to some burgers and dogs, or it might be a main main. And on the side, perhaps a Mediterranean Couscous, Swiss Chard, and Peppers salad. You have to love a side dish that is beautiful and portable and stands in for both a starch and vegetable. If you haven’t made Swiss chard a part of your life yet, you can start right here and never look back.

For dessert one of my no-fail, steals-the-show-every-time go-tos is a homemade-cookie ice-cream sandwich. Pick a cookie like Big Fat Chocolate Chunk CookiesMy New Favorite Oatmeal Cookies, or Fractaled Chocolate and Peanut Cookies, match it up with the ice cream of your choice, make them ahead, and pull them out as the light fades.
Crunchy, tender, sweet, salty, tangythis dish merits no shortage of appealing adjectives. Serve with fluffy rice.

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A quick, bright-tasting vegetarian pasta with a nice dose of protein from the edamame. I can’t quite count this as a five-ingredient pasta, because the Mint-Basil Pesto adds more ingredients . . . but it’s damn close.

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This is for when you can't decide between salad and steak (and you want to have your steak and eat it tooor something like that). If you feel the need for a grain or starch, consider Red Onion–Mint Orzo.

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Whether you’re having some friends over or treating your family to a lovely end-of-the-week dinner, this is a terrific dish. Frankly, if you served a shoe over polenta I would be happy. If polenta is not your thing, this would also be delicious atop a bed of mashed potatoes or even rice (try this Herby Brown Rice for a healthier change of pace).

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