Meal Plan Problems Solved!
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Hey, hey, hey! How’s 2018 treating you so far?

I’m feeling a little bit mixed-bag about the end of 2017. I’m definitely a person who feels transitions, endings, and beginnings in the center of my chest.

But I have high hopes for the New Year
more exciting work projects, hopefully some travel, and (don’t get me started on this just yet) slowing down to enjoy the last year with both boys at homeJack heads to college next fall.

(Pause for any number of poignant songs, preferably country.)

But today we are a full house, with random friends of all ages running in and out, and there needs to be food, and plenty of it. Yes, it’s January, and we’re trying to be post-holiday-assiduous. But yes, it’s January, and it’s f&*#ing cold out there. Let’s try to find that happy medium, shall we?
Let’s start things off right with a simple Garlicky Roast Chicken with Shallots and Potatoes. The amazing Ina Garten reminds us time and time again that a better meal is hard to find. You could serve it with Shredded Sautéed Brussels Sprouts and just stick with that if you’re repenting a bit for the previous month or two, but if you’re battling the cold with comfort food, then you should make Mashed Potatoes. There’s just no two ways about it.

Click here for the recipe.
Let’s go for a one-pot meal. And let’s pick one that’s hearty and healthy at the same time. How about vegetarian? If this doesn’t seem like it will float your family’s boat, then you need to take a closer look at this Vegetable Udon Noodle Soup.

Click here for the recipe.
Another meal served up in a bowlbut it’s a bowl kind of month. Buffalo Chicken and White Bean Chililightened up and pretty darn healthful with poultry and beans, but not at all abstemiousis immensely flavorful and satisfying.

Click here for the recipe.
By this point of the week we needwe DESERVEa bowl of bring-it-on-home comfort food (especially if you live in a cold place and have to walk your dog four times a day; just saying). So it’s Stovetop Macaroni and Four Cheeses to fill the yearning. But you are not a heathen, so you will also make a salad.

Click here for the recipe.
Still at it? Attaboy/girl. You deserve some dim-the-lights-and-pour-some-wine scallop and pancetta skewers with a simple balsamic glaze. Make a pot of rice, and maybe some Green Beans Two Ways. If you’re going all the way (What? I meant dessert! What on earth were you thinking?), how about some Lemon Squares, which of course will take you right into the weekend.

Click here for the recipe.
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