Tips for Navigating the Holidays!
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The Thanksgiving Resolution

There are lots of tips and tricks for making sure that your Thanksgiving is less stressful and runs more smoothly than in previous years. Here are some that help me navigate the holidays, and you can find sound advice in many magazines, on many blogs, and throughout the media land.

But I also think that the messiness and imperfectness of the holidays is part and parcel of what makes each one really belong to my family, or your family, or the band of friends that you share the occasion with. When things aren't going according to plan think of this: If your Thanksgiving was picture-perfect, what stories would you have to relive year after year? The story of how the turkey came out perfectly moist, with a crispy skin? The story of how everything arrived at the table piping hot at the same time? Those aren't good stories. The story of how you set the oven on fire two years in a row because you forgot to follow your own pie making direction? Now that's a story.

And if your uncle didn't drink a little too much and flirt with your friend, what would the two of you talk about next time you went for drinks? How well-behaved everyone was? That doesn't sound like much fun.

This holiday season my resolution is to enjoy the flaws and chips in the holidays, and remember that it's about the family and friends I would most like to be with. And I also resolve to put the pan under the pie so the streusel doesn't drip. 



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