Time to start grating and melting various forms of cheese.
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Not caring about the Super Bowl is NOT an option for me.  Reason #1: Two teenage boys and one husband who love and care deeply about football.  Reason #2: The Patriots are in the Super Bowl, and my Worcester, Massachusetts-born-and-raised husband and his family are going to be glued to the television in each of their respective home states and calling each other during the commercials (they forgave Tom Brady long ago).  Reason #3 (and the most compelling reason for me, personally): Football-watching food rocks.

While my family enjoys slightly fancy dishes like Fried Eggs and Smoked Salmon over Polenta Cakes on occasion, the 11th commandment goes something like “There shall be no screwing around with the Super Bowl menu."  And now we have a small crowd coming, which will probably grow, so this is probably not the time to be clever (“Hey, who’s ready for Super Bowl Paella?”)

And so, here is what I’m thinking for Super Bowl 51.

These menus kind of write themselves, don’t they?  I think I will put the options in front of the boy-folk, and let them make the final decisions.  And then I will start grating and melting various forms of cheese.

Go Pats!


There has to be at least one hot dip.  I’m got to choose among Warm Jalapeno Popper Dip, Hot Cheesy Scallion Kale Dip, and Hot Corn Queso Dip.  Maybe two of the three.


There must also be nachos.  Better still, a nacho bar.


I think Deviled Eggs would also be a wise addition.



There has to be chili.  Probably Buffalo Chicken and White Bean Chili this year.  Maybe also Game Day Ground Beef Chili or Barbacoa Beef Chili.  Lots of toppings, many of which can do double duty on the chili and at the nacho bar.



A salad for those who need a little palate cleanser in between the hot dip and the nachos.



And to finish, Big Fat Chocolate Chunk Cookies?  Chewy Sugar Cookies?  No, probably Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies, which are like someone took the three most beloved cookies in the world and smushed them into one.

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