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Ohayou <<First Name>> it's your secretary James desu~

Did anyone else go to Fisher on Saturday because they were already behind on their work? haha...just kidding...unless..?

🍷 SUAnime Drinks Night 🍺

You. Friends. Fun. Drink.
[](≧▽≦ )
If you met some pretty cool weebs at welcome party and would like to see them again but you're too socially awkward to actually invite them out, then come to drinks night this Thursday uwu
Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for details on the discounted drinks.
*SUAnime and the USU support responsible drinking
August 2019
5 - 8pm
Thursday week 2 at
Hermann's Bar
Event Page

Weathering With You Movie Outing

We're planning on having a screening for this movie in week 4
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates OwO
Event Page

Weekly Events Schedule

Weekly events are FREE and start this week!
Drop by any time to chill with fellow weebs and eat Asian snacks~

Monday 1 - 2pm at
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471
Manga Reading Group

Tuesday 12 - 5pm at
International Student Lounge
Cards Against SUAnime

Wednesday 1 - 2pm at
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471
Manga Reading Group Manga Reading Group
Cards Against SUAnime Cards Against SUAnime
Drawmeet Drawmeet

Manga Recommendation

Want to procrastinate but ran out of manga to read? Here's a recommendation by Vicky, our events director
Plus-sized elf
You must have been living under a dumbbell if you haven’t heard of the new anime ‘Danberu nan kiro moteru?’ or ‘How heavy are the Dumbbells you lift?’ This new anime about fit high school girls going to the gym is actually educational and viewers will be exposed to the correct form when using gym equipment. Kind of like Cells at Work or Dr. Stone being educational. But I’m here to present another masterpiece worthy of your attention, “Plus sized Elf”.

Be warned. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of about girls being unhappy with their weight or fat jokes, this might not be for you

Plus sized Elf is about Naoe-kun, a massage therapist in Tokyo. He encounters a t h i c c new customer, Erufuda-san, except she’s an elf! Her dilemma is that after coming to Tokyo, she’s gorged herself on French fries and can’t get through the portal home to start her own potato farm. Together, they start a weight loss journey and is joined by many other fantastical creature-women who have all fallen victim to modern society’s delicious junk food.

There’s a whole range of weight loss tips here, ranging from how to do body squats and stretches, to how to fry potatoes for less calories – but we all know that’s not really why you’re here. All the girls are drawn 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚, and I don’t recommend bringing this up within your lectures, because it’s ecchi. The comedy is pretty decent and light hearted as well. There’s also a colourful range of characters with colourful interactions with each other. Anyway, I have nothing else to say about this. Potato is dead, go read this.
Japan Foundation has an office in Sydney and is one of AnimeSydney’s partners. They host many events throughout the year such as film festivals and art exhibitions that our club often attends. On top of these events, you can find a plethora of books in their library which is open every day but Sunday. If you are studying Japanese at university, I would recommend popping in.

If you would like to check out the other events they host then please visit their Facebook page.
If you want to learn more about other initiatives such as their language courses then head over to their website.
Japan Foundation Facebook Japan Foundation Facebook
Japan Foundation Website Japan Foundation Website
Lectures & tutorials: i sleep (ᴗ˳ᴗ)
SUAnime events: (✧ ∇ ✧)
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