Study Week
Ohayou <<First Name>> its your secretary James desu~

Everyone's busy so there's no special event this week.
Weekly events will still run and please sign up to Easter Party onegai

New Season of Anime~

Bocchi is literally me bros
Anime: Hitoribocchi

It's the new season, which means its time to update your seasonal waifus/husbandos~

Which animays will you be waching, <<First Name>>?


Super Special Event
🐰AnimeSydney Easter Party🥚

Refer a friend whilst signing up and both of you will enter the draw to win this Rem figurine worth $265! (sponsored by Anime@Abbotsford)

AnimeSydney Easter Party is a collaboration between four univerisities in Sydney: Anime@UTS AnimeMQ AnimeUNSW and SUAnime

This is a great opportunity to meet up with old friends who have gone to other universities, and of course, to meet new friends~

Here's what's happening on the night
  • 🎶MUSIC
  • 🎮GAMES
  • 🥚EASTER EGG HUNT ~tamago tamago~
  • and 🍷🍸🍹🍻ALCOHOLIC DRINKS🍾🥂🍶🍼
Date: Thursday, 18th of April
Time: 6 pm - 10:30 pm
Location: UTS Underground
Price: $20 now, $25 at the door

For more information, visit our Facebook event page for details on how to win the figurine and how to get extra free drinks on the night~
AnimeSydney Easter Party Facebook Event Page
Sign up at the AnimeSydney Website

Weekly Events


Weekly events run every week, and there will be free Asian snacks and drinks at every event yummy
Follow us on Facebook for any last minute cancellations or room changes.
Tuesday, 12 - 5pm @
International Student Lounge
Cards Against SUAnime
Wednesday, 1 - 2pm @
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471

Thursday, 1 - 2pm @
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471
Place Where We Talk About Anime


Manga Recommendation

Want to procrastinate but ran out of manga to read? Here's a recommendation from Vicky and Cameron, our events director and sponsorship director:
Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku (The god lie) by Kaori Ozaki

This seinen manga is a quick read, but packs a powerful punch... of feels. Sometimes, things aren’t as they seem, and reality is much crueller than anticipated. This is about a young boy who forms an unlikely friendship/ romance with a girl. As they become closer, their deepest secrets are revealed to each other. If you like coming to age, dramatic, romance stories that deal with some more serious topics, then this one is pretty good.

Exec Intro

Hey! I’m Vicky, one of the Event directors!! I’m currently in my 3rd year of studying software engineering. Haven’t really been watching any manga or reading any anime recently, but I’m gonna unload my passion, right here, for 1 sec only.
Some genres I like most are psychological, horror, thrillers, psychological horror-thillers and romance uwu. I really love Monster, Daily lives of High school boys, Watamote, Chi no wadachi, LIAR GAME <3, hinamatsuri, and kamisama hajimemashita.  Honestly I can keep going... I also like teasing master takagi-san. Maybe I’m in the mood for some cheesy shows. But recommend me some deranged titles. IDK why, but I like to read stuff about despair and violence sometimes :< Promise I’m not some psycho

Now I want to watch anime. >.< … but I need to do my soft3202 assignment.

Anyway, come to all our events and drop a hi!!! I’ll be awkward, but I’m trying :< Actually I’m pretty shy and awkward AF. I’m in ISL most days and go to the weekly events sometimes too so don’t be scared to talk to me because I’m probably more afraid of you than you are of me. I’ll defs warm up to you over prolonged contact. Or over drinks >____> *psst, come to easter party*
Final note. Sorry for the lack of food and quality of the events, I shall strive to improve over the year but the attendance has been amazing, thanks to you!!!!  Tell me what ideas for events you want to see, I’ll accommodate (within reason) <3

<<First Name>>, if you do MATH3066 and would like to cry about the assignment together, let me know :)
I don't wanna study...
Anime: K-on!
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