End of Sem Drinks Night
Ohayou <<First Name>> its your secretary James desu~

I can't believe it's week 13 already...according to my maths notebook its only week 8...hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔

SUAnime TCG group

Anime: Kaguya-sama Love is War

Yo yo yo if you play trading card games such as Vanguard, Weiss, and Yu-Gi-Oh you are invited to join the SUAnime TCG group where you can talk about all things TCG related including buying and selling your waifu cards
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

SUAnime TCG Group
There are also two TCG tournaments happening in the coming weeks, including the SUAnime x UNSW Triggerfest for Vanguard players and the SUAnime Weiss Tournament. For details including how to sign up and the prizes, see the links below.
SUAnime x UNSW Vanguard Tournament
SUAnime Weiss Schwarz Tournament

End of Sem Drinks Night

Anime: GochiUsa
Ok so the end of sem drinks night is actually on Tuesday, not the end of the week. That just means you get to celebrate early yay
\( ゚ヮ゚)/

In response to the feedback from the last drinks night, we are holding the event on-campus and during the week. We will also have a private room so the
NORMIES don't distract us
(  ̄▽ ̄)[]

If you've got time to kill beforehand, there will be a special edition of Cards Against SUAnime at ISL where we will be screening Aho Girl from 2 - 4pm~

Date: Tuesday, 28th of May
Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Location: Manning Bar (just under ISL)
Cost: Free entry for members, depends on how much you drink
End of Sem Drinks Night Facebook Event Page

Sydney Film Festival

Film: Tito and the Birds
Hey so Sydney Film Festival is BACK and thankfully there are some anime films for the patricians amongst society. Check out the link below:
Sydney Film Festival

Weekly Events


Weekly events run every week, and there will be free Asian snacks and drinks at every event yummy
Follow us on Facebook for any last minute cancellations or room changes.
Tuesday, 12 - 5pm @
International Student Lounge
Cards Against SUAnime
Wednesday, 1 - 2pm @
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471

Thursday, 1 - 2pm @
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471
Place Where We Talk About Anime


Manga Recommendation

Want to procrastinate but ran out of manga to read? Here's a recommendation from Cameron, our sponsorship director:
Spirit Circle

This week’s manga recommendation was meant to be a sports shōnen series; however, after binge reading a new series I changed my mind. Spirit Circle follows the life of Fuuta Okeya who leads a normal high school life, except for the fact that he can see spirits. Kouko Ishigami on the other hand is a cute new transfer student that has an aggressive attitude. Yet the ghost “East” that haunts her is constantly beckoning and smiling at Fuuta, hinting to the fact that Kouko isn’t as aggressive as she seems.

After multiple attempts to befriend her, Fuuta almost succeeds but ends up miserably failing after Kouko discovers his birthmark. Not only does she declare her hatred for him, she also sates the birthmark was a branded curse she gave him in a past life. Throughout the course of the series Fuuta learns more about Kouko and the source of her hatred, but will he be able to stop her from destroying his very soul?

Exec Intro

Hi all, I am Cameron your SUAnime sponsorship director. I work with the other execs from AnimeSydney to ensure good relations between our clubs and sponsors. Like most execs and club members I frequent ISL (International Student Lounge) in my spare time, so feel free to say hi. If I’m not in ISL, you will find me in some corner of mech eng making loud noises.

My favourite anime is Macross Δ and my favourite manga is Kure-nai. I have a bad habit of picking up too many ongoing mangas and I only watch anime in the hopes of winning club trivia. My starter kit anime was either Ponyo or Black Rock Shooter (idk anymore), and I spend most of my holidays either at uni or watching anime via discord.

If you are free over the holidays come hang in

hang in there there's only one more week of classes left~
See you next week <<First Name>>
Anime: 5toubon
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