New First Year Representative!
Ohayou <<First Name>> its your secretary James desu~

SUAnime members have elected Ellyn as our First Year Representative at the GM, and I'm sure they're gonna be a fantastic addition to our executive team
(* ^ ω ^)

Exec Intro

Course: Year 1 Maths and Japanese
Favourite Anime: Asobi Asobase, Nichijou, Haikyuu, Jojo, Bleach, K-ON!, Steins Gate, YagaKimi, HunterXHunter.
Hobbies: memes, drawing, J-Pop K-Pop idols (46/48G, H!P, 22/7, I*ZONE), making games and 3D sculpting, reading manga and webtoons, badminton.
Self-Introduction: Low-key weeb. High-key reverse trap. Current stage staff at SMASH! con, if you're going you can see me there! Before USYD, I studied 3D Game Art and Animation, being part of making 6 games so far. 2D/3D art is life ❤️ Hoping to get to know everyone!

🍖 KBBQ Night

*Vegans have left the chat*
Anime: Yuru Camp
Want to stress eat but broke? Well you're in luck because for just $25 you can have all the KBBQ you can eat (that's a $7 discount OwO)

If you'd like to come, you need to sign up so we can book the spaces. You can pay now or on the day.
Location: Shinara Korean Restaurant, Town Hall
Date: Friday, 24th of May
Time: 6 - 7:30pm
5pm: Meet at ISL to go with execs
6pm: Entering the restaurant (you can meet us there)
Cost: $25
KBBQ Night Facebook Event Page
KBBQ Night Sign-up Form

🎬 Code Geass Movie Night

Come watch the new Code Geass movie Lelouch of the Re;surrection with SUAnime on Monday; it's only $8~

Location: Event Cinemas Town Hall
Date: Monday, 20th of May (TOMORROW)
Time: 7pm screening
5:45pm: Meet at ISL to go with execs

Cost: $8 for students
Code Geass Movie Night Facebook Page

Weekly Events


Weekly events run every week, and there will be free Asian snacks and drinks at every event yummy
Follow us on Facebook for any last minute cancellations or room changes.
Tuesday, 12 - 5pm @
International Student Lounge
Cards Against SUAnime
Wednesday, 1 - 2pm @
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471

Thursday, 1 - 2pm @
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471
Place Where We Talk About Anime


Manga Recommendation

Want to procrastinate but ran out of manga to read? Here's a recommendation from Vicky, our events director:
Liar Game by Shinobu Kaitani
This is the one that got me hooked on psychological thrillers and seinen from the beginning- and it’s still one of my favourites. Kakegurui pales in comparison to the complex games and ingenious twists and strategies that Liar Game delivers. If you liked Death Note or One Outs, this is right up your alley.

Kanzaki Nao is “a foolishly honest girl”. Her relentless honesty and trustfulness leads her to be taken advantage by others, yet somehow, she still has faith in humanity. Suddenly, she gets package with 100 million yen and a note stating that she is now a contestant in the Liar Game Tournament. In this game, all contestants must lie and cheat other contestants out of their money, with losers having to bear the debt. Nao of course, has her money stolen after 1 day by an opponent. Being a broke college student, she desperately thrusts her future into the hands of Akiyama Shinichi, a genius con man. Just what is the Liar Game organisation? With stakes high into the millions, Nao and Akiyama fall deep into the rabbit hole and try to defeat the Liar Game Organisation from within.

This manga is truly a gem. It’s got a lot going for it; intense games and really clever (and unpredictable) twists and solutions, a colourful cast of characters to keep things spicy, and Akiyama who I maybe had a crush on when I was young (lol). Though the art is not pretty, it grows on you and delivers the tone of the manga well. It's also completed so you don't have to wait years for this to be finished.
Make sure you stay on top of your assignments, <<First Name>>
Me after movie night
Anime: One Room
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