Sem 2 Week 13 Newsletter

Ohayou <<First Name>> it's your secretary James desu~

It's week 13 already and, according to certain retail shops, it's already Christmas (゜Д゜)

I hope you don't have 13 weeks of lectures to catch up on right now :^)

SUAnime KBBQ Night

Come celebrate the end of another semester of soul-crushing university work by having ALL YOU CAN EAT MEAT (っˆڡˆς)

Remember folks, you need protein for healthy muscle growth. God I just want some hot meat in my mouth...

You can meet us outside Shinara Grill and Lounge at 6pm, or leave with us at ISL at 5:30pm

Cost of this event will be $25 - you'll be saving $7 compared to the normal price!

November 2019


6pm Thursday
at Shinara
Event Page

AnimeSydney Isekai Camp

You've heard of Elf on the get ready for Weebs at doesn't rhyme but I tried really hard (´・ω・`)

This year we'll be going on a great Aussie adventure and doing it tough in the bush for 3 days and 2 nights. The theme will be about isekai, which is a genre of anime about being transported to another world.

Surely you must of heard of timeless isekai classics such as "that one with the overpowered protagonist," "the one where the NEET somehow gets a harem," and "the one where the protagonist fingerbangs a catgirl slave to release a sealed demon lord, who turns out to also be loli - oh sorry, spoilers...

Over the three days, there will be many fun games and activities - perfect opportunities for you to meet someone who shares your love for catgirls. 

If you're interested, see our Facebook Event Page for more deets

If you have nice pictures of catgirls send them to hahaha...just kidding....unless?
Event Page

Weekly Events Schedule

Weekly events are FREE
Drop by any time to chill with fellow weebs and eat Asian snacks~

Monday 1 - 2pm at
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471
Manga Reading Group

Tuesday 12 - 5pm at
International Student Lounge
Cards Against SUAnime

Wednesday 1 - 2pm at
Molecular Bioscience Building Lecture Room 471

Manga Recommendation

Want to procrastinate but ran out of manga...uh i mean manhwa to read? Here's a recommendation by Felicia, our art director:


There is no other way to describe Momentum. It tells the tale of beautiful, tragic, and joyous relationships as people celebrate love, lust and the misery of life. The storyline, the character, the EMOTIONS and everything about this series feels so goddamn f---ing real. The beautiful art is an icing on the cake. Most of the series makes you want to cry tbh not gonna lie, people that are the happiest became the most pitiable as the story develops. Alas, make sure to soak up Momentum to its fullest. Cry, laugh and celebrate love to the brim!
Keep studying, <<First Name>>
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