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Learn to play the piano with ease in our summer Mini Maestro Program!
This 6 week piano exploratory program will introduce students to the basics of piano playing. With 1 - 2 sessions a week, students ages 10 - 19 will get to explore their artistic piano playing abilities and cultivate them into performance ready skills.

There will be a program recital where students will share with loved ones
their newly found piano skills!

If you are interested in signing up for this program call 260-481-6719 today!

Transportation to and from sessions are available upon request.

UNITY has officially begun planning the 20th Season Anniversary Celebration, which will be headed by Mrs. Evelyn Frierson, Anniversary Administrator for the 20th Anniversary Events. The first meeting took place on Wednesday, April 7. We are so excited to see alumni, former employees, contractors, parents, and other stakeholders involved and excited about this HUGE project! 

WE need you! If you are an alumni, former employee, or have connections to UNITY, please contact os. We are looking for committee members. Please contact efrierson@upaf.com for further information on how to join us or call our offices at 260-481-6719.

UNITY is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. There is so much history and information that the team has decided to highlight UNITY’s history each month.
Can you answer this trivia question...

 The word ‘soulful’ can be described in what 3 words?

Myron McKinley Trio – Chick Corea Tribute Concert

You are invited to join the Myron McKinley Trio and special guests for a night of celebrating the life and music of legendary jazz artist Chick Corea. The Myron McKinley Trio will be bringing you a special experience in celebrating Chick’s life and music with special arrangements and Renditions of his song as well as an intimate experience with the band about their experiences with Chick and the impact that he had on their lives that you will not want to miss on Saturday April 24th at 7 pm.

For more information please click the link: https://concerts.cafe/product/myron-mckinley-trio-chick-corea-tribute-concert/

On April 6, Governor Holcomb decided to lift the mask mandate as well as the previous COVID restrictions that had been in place. With that, we would like to update you on what UNITY has decided to follow concerning COVID protocols in this present time. UNITY will still require that masks be worn within any UNITY facility. We will also require that people still pay attention to social distancing guidelines. We do this to keep each one of you safe and provide a healthy environment for your children to continue to artistically grow. We will continue to monitor the COVID updates and keep you informed of our decisions moving forward. If you have any further questions you may reach out to us via email at info@upaf.com.
IN TIMES LIKE THESE: You must battle disparaging thoughts and crippling doubts. Throughout history, man has always battled an enemy known as the spirit of evil. However, this enemy was given a heavenly name by its Creator, Lucifer, the son of the morning. Did you know that God created both good and evil and concealed them both from sight, hidden from man’s human eyes? He then made it accessible to humanity once they failed to adhere to the one requirement given them. This ancient biblical story of creation gives us snippets of what possibly happened at the outset of life. This invisible power of evil has tormented humanity both inwardly and outwardly, inwardly through the mind of man, and outwardly through submitted vessels used to act out actions of corruption and destruction. Your mind is a complex battleground, where both positive and negative thoughts compete for control over you every day of your life. So be alert, aware, and sober-minded at all times.
IN TIMES LIKE THESE: You can allow your mind to destroy you with disparaging thoughts of doubt and defeat or build you up with pure thoughts of happiness that produce healthy conditions for both the mind and soul. Studies have concluded that the mind produces over 6200 thoughts per day. This type of production makes you the master of your thoughts. Your inward view of yourself defines the essence of who you are. Your thoughts form your actions, attitudes, mindsets, and perspective on circumstances. Your most significant battle is not those who attack you outwardly but the inward damage you can cause to the body and spirit through non-productive thoughts. Intentionally monitor what you think about daily, and train yourself to think about these things that are pure, genuine, honest, lovely, and hopeful.
To view past and present Thought Series editions written by Marshall White
Click Here
You can also access it by going to Mr. Marshall White's LinkedIn page here.

UNITY, please support the Arts! Indiana Arts Commission has supported UNITY in a major way this year. Please read what you can do...

Indiana Arts Advocates are calling on the State Legislature to restore the 15% cut to the Indiana Arts Commission and ask you to contact your state legislators.

It's the 11th hour for the Indiana State Budget. The state's new revenue projections are calling for about $2 billion more available than was previously forecasted. Indiana Arts Advocates urges you to contact your state senator and - while you're at it - Senator Ryan Mishler, Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee.  

Senator Ryan Mishler, Chair, Appropriations Committee



Northeast Indiana Delegation

Legislative Assistant Phone

Official Email

Senator Sue Glick



Senator Dennis Kruse



Senator Liz Brown



Senator Justin Busch



Senator Andy Zay



Senator Travis Holdman




Zumbini Classes

Zumbini April 19- classes full!

Be sure to sign up for the fall season!
For more information email info@upaf.com.

Then look no further.

The Pulitzer Center, annual poetry contest, titled:  Fighting Words Poetry Contest! Is soon arriving!

If you have some poetry skills and want to participate, we encourage you to click on the link. There are cash prizes and try your skill against other passionate writers. To know more about the contest, click on the link:

Poetry Competition
Download April Calendar

Birthdays & Anniversaries
April 23 - April 30, 2021

April 24 - Jameer Hudson
April 25 - Nyiann Bennett
April 28 - Shae Brookshire

April 23 - Alexus Wolfe
April 24 - Kendra Hopkins- Island
April 25 - Kyle Doehla
April 27 - Laurine Khamalah & Akeem Muhammad
April 28 -Malcom Riley
April 30 - Bobby Burton & Laci Vickery

Board, Staff, Parents, Volunteers, Singing Mentors:
April 16 - Davyd Jones
April 21 - Jordan Hudson
April 22 - Jay Chapman & Salvador Soto
April 23 - Shaton Vaughn

April 26 - Jason & Jesse White
April 27 - Chris & Diane Richardson


Inquiring Minds Want to Know About Senior Day!

If you were a 2020 graduate or if you are graduating this year, UNITY wants you to take this survey below. We would like to celebrate you, but we need to know your interest level. Take the survey if you fall within those 2 categories, which will tell us if you want to celebrate UNITY style.
Please pass this along to those graduates. We hope to hear from you!
Take survey here: https://forms.gle/8FEZQmGqnXfR2dCe7

When You are Hot, You are Hot!!
Congratulations to Cydney Bridges

Cydney Bridges recently received a $2,500 scholarship from the African American Healthcare Alliance. Keep Soaring!

There is a fantastic opportunity which some of you may be interested. For black males who are in 12th grade with an interest in becoming a doctor, there is a program between TSU and Meharry Medical College. The student would go to Tennessee State University for three years and then on to Meharry Medical College to become an MD or DDS in 7 years instead of the traditional 8 years. There are some other criteria, but if interested, there could be a full scholarship opportunity.

If interested in knowing more, contact Shadwaynn Curry at scurry@upaf.com.

April 23 - April 30, 2021 Events

April 24 - VOU Rehearsal - Tenors/Baritones

April 25 - VOU Rehearsal - Sopranos/Altos

Trivia Answer

Experience, Emotional, Expressive
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