Jewels Academy Gazette - April 2016
Calendar of Activities:

Y.E.S. Coding workshop with Girl Scouts
Come out and create a video game with the Girl Scouts May 14 @ the Mickle Center!!  All girls grades 4-9 are welcome.  Sign up below.

Youth Leadership Workshop 
Program for  uture leaders entering their Sophomore or Junior year of high school. Follow this link for more information and an application link.

Drake/Metro Area STEM Festival
April 14th @ 4:30-6:30- Join us for this free program and have some hands-on fun with science and also have a chance to meet Bill Nye the Science Guy! Follow this link to the Drake website for more details.

Jewels Academy's Math Camp 
Jewels Academy Math Camp was a successful four week program empowering girls in grades 4th through 8th to improve their math skills, gain more confidence, and teach them about different STEM jobs with strong foundations in math.  Click here for video recap.  Our very own student worker Alynn, created it. 

CAN YOU HELP? Our cost is $65/girl per STEM workshop.  We will have a total of 13 workshops in 2016 which totals to $596 per girl.  Our goal is to subsidize the cost for all girls so that no one is turned away.  You can help us do this by giving online at: or by mail at 1620 Pleasant Street, Suite 216 Des Moines, IA  50314 (checks payable to Jewels Academy). 
 Thank you for supporting Jewels!


 Special Thanks to... Jewels Academy is thrilled for the opportunity to expand our program and engage more children thanks to @Cognizant's #MakingTheFuture grant
Please join us in showing appreciation to Cognizant!  Press release here.


Packaging Engineering Lab
One of the labs our students participated in was the Packaging Engineering lab, where they were given the task of making special packaging for "Chloe`s" flower shop. The design had to include advertisement of the shop, directions on how to care for the plants, and a way to transport the plant. At the end of the lab all of the students were able to take their plant home to see if their packaging helps their plant grow!

Student Editor: Jasmine Smith

Ready, Set, Learn!

In our Y.E.S. (Young Emerging Scientists) lab in March, students examined extracted fruit DNA from strawberries and kiwi up close under a microscope.  What fun we had learning!


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