Here's what you missed at Jewels Academy!

Math Camp 2019 has just wrapped up and we had so much fun, so sit back and relax, as we summarize these four, action-packed weeks.

Don't miss the student created video and a chance to participate in July's activities!

Starting June 8th, 25 students met at the University of Iowa Pappajohn's Center and began their journey into the wonderful world of Math. After introductions of instructors, and peer mentors, the students had an ice breaker. At the end of the session, Dr. D. Kent, a mathematics professor at Drake University, spoke to the students about her love for math, her educational journey, and ended with a hands-on activity. Our math program manager, Ms. Joy, and team introduced a pretest assessment, then a complex fraction problem. The room was quiet due to the complexity of the problem. However, by week 4, the students were able to solve the complex word problem!  

The second week, we continued our lesson on fractions with additional hands-on teaching aids. During this week, career speaker Mrs.K. Harden Williams led a discussion on financial literacy.  The students started their learning of financial literacy with multiple hands-on activities such as; how a savings bank works, the importance of savings, and a book on entrepreneurship. The students went home that day with a lot of goodies and smiles! What a week!  Thank you to US Bank, Community Choice Credit Union, and United Way of Central Iowa for donation of the financial literature and freebies.

Week 3 of Math Camp, the students reviewed common and uncommon denominator fractions. Then applied the review by following a recipe in making slime and no-bake cookies!  The instructors brought fractions to life!  Our career speaker, Dr. M. Joseph-King, spoke about how one can use statistics to plan a perfect party. The students were assigned to find a song with a male singer, with a medium beat, and of any genre using their class room size as the data population. Can you figure out the song title (Hint: it's the most popular song of the summer)? Send us an email if you would like to know the answer!


To end our super fun camp, our students arrived at the Mickle Center and a virtual "Escape Room" was created that involved various fraction problems.  They worked in groups to solve the problems to escape from the virtual room in a defined time frame. They did exceptionally well! Lastly, they took a post-assessment test to measure their status in the last four weeks.  We are excited about the results!  Our career speaker presented on networking and how to carry oneself in a professional environment by Mrs. J. Ellis.

View our video of Math Camp made by student E. Foley!

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The Young Emerging Scientist(Y.E.S) Program has just begun.  During the next four weeks, students will learn about the fantastic world of coding languages like JAVA and Arduino, and will create wearable technology (LED bracelets) by week 4 and taught by Iowa State University's PhD. student Nichelle'Le! If this doesn't have your attention, we are having Jewels Day at Iowa State on July 13th!  Our host is Iowa State's College of Engineering K-12 Community Outreach.  We will travel to Iowa State University for a fun-filled STEM day. We still have a few seats available but must sign up ASAP, click below.

Newsletter written by: M. Edmonds, JA college intern
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