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"END OF LOVE promises to be an important and even necessary film, one that will open our eyes to a tangled social, legal, and psycho-sexual problem that we would all rather avert our gaze from. The problem is pandemic and effects thousands of families and hundreds of thousands of individuals, most of them adolescents caught in the web of Internet pornography. END OF LOVE makes it possible for us to begin confronting it now."  
Russell Banks, Author, Lost Memory of Skin


"Never before have filmmakers taken such an unflinching look at the way porn, as the major form of Sex Ed today, is laying waste to a generation of boys and young men. END OF LOVE is long overdue and will become a documentary that will, without doubt, reframe how people think about the  effects of porn on consumers and on the culture." 

Professor Gail Dines, Author, Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality

9 - 10 yrs. average age of first Internet pornography exposure.
Today there are nearly 800,000 people on the National Sex Offender Registry and that number is growing every day.


Dear <<First Name>>

We have officially launched our on-line fundraiser and it's now live on the END OF LOVE film website! We are counting on you to help spread the word about END OF LOVE. Below is information about our film, why we feel the film is urgently needed and how your donations can support END OF LOVE.

END OF LOVE is a feature documentary film about the epidemic of youth and young adults being convicted of downloading and distributing child pornography - why is it happening and what does it say about who we are? 


Possession and distribution of Internet child pornography is one of the fastest growing prosecuted crimes in the U.S, increasing 150 percent every year since the mid-2000s. Yet meaningful conversations about why people download child porn and the potential of rehabilitation are almost non-existent.

END OF LOVE raises critically important questions around a taboo subject and shows how child pornography destroys the lives of vulnerable youth on both sides of the screen.

With the proliferation of porn and the growing number of adolescents raised in a digital world, we find ourselves in a vast, uncontrolled social experiment. One of our characters asks, “What did we do wrong as parents?” END OF LOVE asks, what have we done wrong as a society? By using personal narratives and focusing on the human stories of our main characters we aim to show that this is not an “us and them” problem, it’s our problem. 

This is a critical moment for our film. We have raised seed money that has allowed us to engage in significant research over the past year. Now, we have identified our three major characters, and several secondary characters. And we're eager to begin capturing their stories. Our goal is to raise $35,000 this fall. Your donation will allow us to spend the coming months shooting crucial footage that will form the backbone of our film and in the short-term, a compelling sample to take to some of the bigger foundations for further funding. For example, right now, a donation of $500 will cover our cinematographer's rate for one day. A donation of $5000 will cover all costs for one week of shooting. This is an expensive stage in the production of a film, but arguably the most important in getting this story told. Any amount of donation will move us closer to our goal. With your help, we anticipate releasing END OF LOVE in 2016. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Deb Ellis and Alexandra Halkin
Co-Directors, END OF LOVE

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