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ICTSD at the 2016 WTO Public Forum


WTO Geneva

ICTSD will be pleased to welcome you to five events it is organising and partnering at this year's WTO Public Forum in Geneva, focusing on the theme “Inclusive Trade." For the duration of the forum, ICTSD will also be hosting a booth located next to the WTO Atrium, with recent publications and a registration centre. In addition, Bridges reporters will be at the event covering any meaningful developments emerging from discussions. If you are unable to attend, our sessions will be video recorded and posted on the ICTSD website during the week following the event.


New Innovations in Regional Trade Agreements and the Role of the RTA Exchange

27 September 2016, 17:30-19:00, Room S2, WTO

Organised by: ICTSD and the Inter-American Development Bank

The session will examine new innovations in regional trade agreements and analyse how they can inform the work being done at the multilateral level to promote more inclusive trade and economic growth. The workshop will look at how new disciplines in RTAs are helping to support small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the functioning of global value chains, and strengthen the interplay between trade and technology. Tools like the RTA Exchange – an initiative developed in the context of the E15Initiative’s Expert Group on Regional Trade Agreements – can help this process by facilitating the exchange of information and negotiating experiences as well as identifying opportunities for cooperation and convergence.



• Antoni Estevadeordal, Manager of Integration and Trade, IDB

• Bernard Hoekman, Professor and Director of Global Economics, European University Institute

• Lucian Cernat, Chief Trade Economist, European Commission

• Theresa Carpenter, Executive Director, Graduate Institute Geneva’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration

• Jonathan T. Fried, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the WTO

• Carolyn Deere Birkbeck, Senior Researcher at Oxford University’s Global Economic Governance Programme


The New Landscape of Inclusion in Digital Trade

28 September 2016, 15:30-17:00, Room S3, WTO

Organised by: ICTSD

Digital trade has the potential to be transformative for sustainable development. In order to realise this potential trade-related policies must promote broad participation and be as inclusive as possible. This session will explore how inclusion could be driven forward in the digital trade governance framework as to ensure real opportunities and broad participation for businesses in developed and developing countries. Inclusion is a frequent topic of discussion, but there is little understanding about what it means in the context of the digital economy and from the perspectives of different stakeholders. This panel will explore new dimensions and perspectives on the issue in order to broaden understanding about the kinds of policies needed to advance it in trade policy.



• Andrew Crosby, Managing Director, ICTSD

• Kati Suominen, Founder & CEO of Nextrade Group and Founder and Chairwoman of TradeUp Capital Fund

• Martina Francesca Ferracane, Policy Analyst, ECIPE

• Marcela Paiva Véliz, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Chile

• Don McDougall, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Canada


Enabling Sustainable Investment for Inclusive Growth

29 September 2016, 09:00 - 10:30, Room S2, WTO

Organised by ICTSD and WEF

Sustainable investment and responsible supply chain practices can contribute to upgrading physical infrastructure; developing the technology and innovation capacity required to expand the participation of firms in global markets; achieving the Sustainable Development Goals; and creating employment. The session discussions will address the following key questions. What is the status of sustainable development principles in investment agreements? How to increase the flow of sustainable investment, particularly to poorer countries, and is there a role for the WTO to facilitate such flows? What can the private and public sectors do to encourage and monitor responsible supply chain practices?



• Richard Samans, Managing Director and Member of the Managing Board, WEF

• Álvaro Cedeño Molinari, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Costa Rica to the WTO

• Kruti Indani, Group Director, Indani Global

• Ratnakar Adhikari, Executive Director of the Enhanced Integrated Framework, Executive Secretariat, WTO

• Ghita Roelans, Head, Multinational Enterprises and Enterprise Engagement Unit, International Labour Organization (ILO)


Services and Inclusiveness in LDCs and LICs: Sustainable Development, SMEs, and Gender

29 September 2016, 15:30-17:00, Room S3, WTO

Organised by: ICTSD

The development of well-functioning and efficient services sectors is critical to achieving structural transformation and sustainable and inclusive growth in least developed countries (LDCs) and low income countries (LICs). Services have a catalytic role on sustainable social and economic development and serve as a means of addressing poverty, upgrading welfare, and improving universal availability and access to basic amenities. Globally, services account for two-thirds of world employment, 60 percent of foreign direct investment flows, and nearly half of world trade, measured on a value-added basis. The session will discuss the huge untapped potential to develop services trade in LDCs and LICs to support and reinforce efforts to transform economies and generate sustainable development.



• Sherry Stephenson, Senior Fellow, ICTSD

• Wilma Viviers, Director, TRADE Research Focus Area & WTO Chair North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa

• Nicholas Frank, Programme Officer, ICTSD

• Sonja Grater - Senior Lecturer, School of Economics, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa

• Julia Lipowiecka - Consultant, The Law and Development Partnership


Achieving inclusiveness through GVCs in LDCs and LICs

29 September 2016, 15:30-17:00, Room S3, WTO

Organised by: ICTSD and SAIIA

This event is intended to advance understanding of value chain dynamics that can lead to more and better inclusion of market actors including smallholder farmers, SMEs, and women. The session will present key concepts on the linkages between value chains and SDGs. It will also discuss findings on the extent to which small players are participating in value chains, the constraints they face, and the policy levers that could be applied to foster more inclusive value chains in least developed countires. A key to acheiving positive developmental outcomes is for producers and firms in low-income countries to position themselves appropriately in the global value chains that now account for more than two-thirds of total global trade.



• Kiranne Guddoy,Programme Officer, Development & Competitiveness, ICTSD

• Marion Jansen, Chief Economist, International Trade Centre

• Eloi Laourou, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Benin to the United Nations Offices in Geneva, and the current Coordinator of the LDC Consultative group at the WTO

• Hamid Mamdouh, Director, Trade in Services Division, WTO Secretariat

• Darlington Mwape, Senior Fellow, ICTSD

• Asmita Parshotam, Researcher in the Economic Diplomacy Programme, SAIIA

• Sherry M. Stephenson, Senior Fellow, ICTSD

• Lily Sommer, Trade Policy Fellow, ECA



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